Sunday, 25 May 2014

Style my way: A special day

Hey lovelies

A special day calls for a little 'dress up' moment, right?

Yea, that is exactly what happened on the 22nd of May as I celebrated with my colleagues and tutors at school. Particularly special because it marked the end of a phase #progress
It felt so good to realize that I just rounded up with my class attendance for my masters.  
The Public Health Society of my University organized this health ball and it was amaze balls. (How did I make that rhyme? LOL) 

Sorry, I just realized I have not been keeping y'all in the loop. I can't believe I'm just telling you guys about this when I am almost rounding up. I remember the last time I spoke about school and life I was telling you guys that I was trying to figure out my next move. Well, I did and went back to school to study Public health, Management and leadership. Actually, this was my last day of school.

I just need to submit my dissertation and the MPH will be so in the bag. 
We still have some months to go before we can say a big 'all done' with the MPH and best believe I will tell you when it's time this time, so how about we talk about the ball instead?  

It was so nice hanging out with my colleagues and tutors. I will miss them all *sniff sniff* 
I can't believe we are here now. It feels like just yesterday when I was saying 'hello' to these people and here we are doing the 'goodbyes'. That was fast! 

Hair, makeup and outfit styled by me. I'm getting good at this fashion thing, if I should say so myself :)
Big 'thank yous' to everyone who checked up on me. I've just been overwhelmed with obligations and sadness, I would have posted since. It is so depressing to know that these Chibok girls are still missing. I will try to snap out of it soon and post more regularly. It is hard tho. #PleasePrayForNigeria  

Have a great week ahead 
Love always


  1. Congratulations Janyl!
    You look beautiful and well done :)

    Haven't forgotten the girls either..

  2. You look good, as usual. Congrats

  3. Hey, congratulations. All the best with the rest of dissertation *hugs*

  4. Congrats dear. Hey, Your up-do rocks.

  5. Congrats Mz JB *big hug*


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