Sunday, 8 June 2014

...and more protests in Nigeria

Hey lovelies

A few days back, on Thursday precisely, students of the Lagos State University decided to embark on a protest.
This protest was just too funny.
They went to the Lagos State Government house to stage the protest and lived there basically.
They started a fire and cooked there, the Muslims had their prayer sessions there as well, it was remaining for them to shower, make tents and sleep there, I reckon LOL

Strike in Nigeria is not even making sense again. Everyday, there is one group or the other protesting. I don't know why the government cannot just aim to end these plenty strikes. 
I am not saying that they can eradicate it completely. I mean last year when I traveled to Spain, I was caught up in a big protest. It was so bad I missed my flight. The roads were blocked. People were marching on the streets just to get the government's attention. Last month in London as well, the tube was affected by a huge strike. I only managed to make my journey to the city center just on time, before things really worsened. A lot of things were seriously disrupted. People were running around confused. You can imagine when the underground is pretty much the major source of transportation, using this for a protest had to be a major one. 
My point is, Nigeria is not the only place where we have protests but the plenty, minor everyday protests can be avoided. We should not be having protests every other day but can you really blame the people? How can the government just wake up and be finding ways to make life even more difficult for people instead of easing them. Life for students already in Nigeria is so hard. Education is expensive. Some of them have to struggle to be able to pay the expensive bills and instead of the Government proposing a way to give grants or something to ease the already existing burdens, they decide to go ahead and hike the charges. Who thinks of these things? Don't they bother thinking it through that these will not go down well or what do they think? That people will just smile and take it? 

The other time, it was the removal of fuel subsidies. 
The people just took to the streets immediately it was announced. Whoever proposed that policy should have anticipated that. When you weigh most of these strikes, really you can see they can be avoided. How can you think of removing fuel subsidies in a country like Nigeria which is rich enough to offer more than what is being offered now to the average Nigerian? Why not spend time to worry about how to alleviate poverty for the average citizen instead of thinking of personal benefits? Poor people in remote places have to *hustle for themselves and whenever they are tired of struggling to survive, they give up yet, some people are having it really good, and might I add with the public funds. 
What can I say? Welcome to Nigeria where people spend less time thinking.  

Have a great week ahead, lovelies
I will try to blog more often soon. 
Just swamped with a lot of work lately 

Love always


*Hustle - struggling to survive


  1. 'Welcome to Nigeria..where people spend less time thinking ..' sound like a really bad tourist campaign lol!
    I think it's around the globe Janyl
    I can relate to the swamped with work thing :)

    Have a great week

  2. Protests cannot be eradicated anywhere in the world, look at Brazil for example the people were protesting about the govt wasting money on sport instead of health and education. Govt always does something with the belief that it will benefit the people but most times the reverse is the case.


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