Monday, 30 June 2014

Style my way: Bright and Colored

Hey lovelies

We have been waiting for a while now for the sun. It's been very irregular.
Sometimes, it comes, sometimes it is so far fetched, literally like the phrase itself.
This British weather is so unreliable. 

When the sun is out, it inspires me to add some color to my outfits. 
These are two of my favorite colors - blue and pink.
I absolutely love the combination too.

I usually build my colors around different shades of blue (teal, sea green, turquoise...) and pink.
If you move a little bit to lilac, magenta and keep going around those hues, it's actually a lot :)

I'm surprised y'all haven't mentioned how much I love black yet. 
I always try to put it somewhere.

This was different because there was no black anywhere.
It's unlike me not to switch in a black shoe. Except if my hair counts :) 
Oh my bag! It's leopard skin and there's a bit of black in leopard skins.
See I'm addicted to black *.*

Love always 
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  1. I actually love the combo. Red and blue are what i'm loving too

  2. Nice combo


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