Saturday, 14 June 2014

The unexplained paradox

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I was just hopping around some news' sites and I noticed that it was the elections' season again and the one characteristic feature is people lining up for one gift or the other from a politician.

I cannot help but to find this really appalling. How can anyone think that giving these people cooked food could solve their problems?

First, I will start with the politicians. You have no shame or conscience to think that this can be a way of life.
So before the elections, you see them go to these remote areas where the poor people converge and distribute gifts like food items and money to campaign for their votes, and once they are sworn in, they forget that these people exist. Why?
Is it that they want these people to continue to be poor so they can easily go there and buy their votes when they want to campaign for a second term or what? I do not understand this level of selfishness. How do you sleep at night knowing that these people that believed so much in your sweet talks of how you will take poverty away from them are back there in no time with no hope for the future because you are busy squandering all that could have been passed to them? The rice and whatever Mediocre gifts usually feeds these people for a few days. Just enough for the voting period. That is the plan right? It is in humane. It is so unfair! Please, get in tune with your conscience, however hard it might be and do things differently this time. 

Now to the people. I do not understand how you swallow the same lies hook, line and sinker every single time with no resistance and expect things to change. I understand that when you are so unsure of where your food is coming the next day and someone actually offers that to you, they could really feel like your savior. I understand! But please, your votes are worth more than a few plates of rice today. It is your future. It is your child's future and even the unborn generations. You can decide to choose whether you want to live another couple of years waiting for another election season to remember how to smile or to grab your chance today to choose your leaders wisely. 
Do not allow yourself to be bought with some plates of rice. They do not care. They only pretend to. You can make them, if you want to. The power lies in your hands. You have the numbers, they have nothing. Without you, they cease to exist. If you think well, you will realize that you deserve more than what they are offering! 

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  1. How I wish they get to read this. It's the peak of 'ridiculousity' and senselessness... Politicians milking the hopeless situations of the masses and the masses selling their birthrights for a few crumbs of whatnots. How long would a quarter or half bag of rice and some few hundreds or thousands of naira last? Except these people have some other plans anyway...

    So sad.

  2. I have no word for the politicians, but the people. At least, they have brains, so they can use it if they want to. Who stops them from collecting the rice, yet still voting for their own choices? After all, it was done in some towns in Edo. The main guy contesting against Oshiomole was buying out people's voter's card for N40,000. The people that really needed money sold a coloured photocopy of their voter's card, and still went ahead to vote for their main choice, which was Oshiomole, because he already had a good track record.

    So if I am so hungry that I need food, I will collect the rice, but not let it influence my choice, cos that is the only mandate I have. It is the people that should wake up!

    1. Lmao... Couldnt have agreed any less. :) They are basically hustling for a Means of survival. Its totally wrong to sell votes yeah, but I am afraid that our Politicians always win people over via the Poverty card.

      While still at Uni, some students sold their Voters card for 1k, a Meat pie, and a soft Drink. Thats as bad as it gets. #WhichwayNigeria? smh

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