Sunday, 22 June 2014

When Jesus says yes

Hey lovelies

It is Sunday and I am just in the mood to start a church around here :)
Happy Sunday btw!

The title of the post should give you a clue of what this is about, also of course, if you have been following Michelle Williams, one part of the trio of Destiny's child popular pop group or any of the other members actually. Well, if you haven't, I'll you let in on the deets.

She released a new song inspired by the popular Nigerian praise song "When Jesus says yes..." and caused an uproar. Some people were happy that she brought her group members to have something a lot of people prefer to describe as a great reunion, others are going on about how she has resorted to recycling songs, some think she goofed by doing something of that genre, some think her other group members did better even though they were only featured, I just think it is a great song and I want y'all to get up and shake it up for God today. Kelly slayed it tho. There is just something uniquely beautiful about her voice.
Meanwhile, didn't Beyonce take her roots from the church? She has no clue on how to dress for church LOL

Ok guys, let me stop and let y'all enjoy it

Enjoy the rest of your day
And have a great week ahead

Love always
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  1. Like the song. It's certainly catchy. :)

  2. Nice - it suits her.. nice key change too.. yes.. I like
    I prefer them together than apart, and Kelly has always looked best and cutest with short hair - imo

    have a great week!

    1. I thought I was the only one who prefers Kelly's looks :)

      Thanks Hun x

  3. Lol. I also think Kelly is the finest of them all. That has always been my opinion.

    When it comes to the song, I must say... they nailed it to the tooth. No lies.

    My issue is... I hope the other featured ladies actually mean what they say, and are not just doing this for entertainment, as usual.

    Why does Beyonce have to dress like that in the video. Does it give glory to the Jesus she's talking about?

    Why did they have to put the Sean Paul dance step in some parts of the video naa, lol.

    Anyway, the song was really tight. I hope it actually ministers and not just entertains.

    1. Lol if it's that one, just forget it
      I can tell you Beyonce is there just to support Michelle
      I am sure she wore those shorts and someone thought, 'Bey, Please you need to cover up' and she thought 'ok maybe they mean dress like the pope, you know sth to just show it is a church song' not realizing it really meant 'people shouldn't be seeing your thighs and tummy this time' LOL she just made me laugh with that outfit

  4. Remember the song from Sunday school. Love it, love it.
    For a sec., watching the vid was wondering why you got on Beyonce's case about her outfit (thought she was too decent), and then I saw. Like seriously?
    Kelly's voice is amazing.


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