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14 for 14 challenge: Half way through!

Hey lovelies

As most of you know, at the beginning of this year, I and 3 other bloggers embarked on a journey to keep blogsville relevant with quality posts every month throughout the course of the year. The inspiration was borne out of a need to fill the gap for the dwindling exciting vibe that kept blogsville going on a while back. It was so interesting and disheartening to see that so many bloggers lacked the motivation to blog and would abandon their blogs for months leaving their dedicated readers trying to decipher if all was really well with them. Most of the bloggers that stayed were more driven to finding their motivation by commercializing their blogs while losing the personal essence that drew most of us to them.

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The 14 for 14 challenge currently has 4 very vibrant participants. 
2 anonymous bloggers and 2 non-anonymous blogger. Amongst these bloggers, we have 2 males and 2 females. I don't know how we did it, but we found a beautiful balance with the distribution and the most beautiful part is the uniqueness of every participant's entry to this challenge.
When I hop around to read all the entries, I feel so impressed at how we all are committed to this challenge too.
Sometimes, you can see the entry coming in on the last day of the month, and this simply shows the efforts the blogger had to put in to make it work. I know how tasking it can be because I find myself there sometimes. This also shows the real reason why we had this challenge in the first place. Every time you see I and these bloggers post something just at the nick of time, that would have been a month of us just relenting and putting some irrelevant things that we did not need to work so hard at or nothing. I hope y'all appreciate these efforts.

This post will not be complete without a special shout out to all of these amazing bloggers.
Here they are:

T.Notes: The first time I visited his blog, I was intrigued. I couldn't make out if it was a pleasant surprise or bad, I just knew I was surprised. He says it as it is. The thing with people like these is you can either hate them or love them. Somehow, I was thrown in the middle. I had no idea if I wanted to stay away or continue reading his blogs. And then I went back, and I had to tell myself the apparent truth - his kind of writing was different from every other person's blog I had read before. So I kept going back and the more I did, the more I wanted to go back. T.notes is gifted in triggering your thought process in every of his post and I am not sure how he manages to keep up with that. 
For this challenge, T.notes took up the challenge of discovering new 'hideout' blogs like his. Want something new from the regular? Click here to visit T.notes' blog

Cee: When I first noticed that there was another lady in the challenge, I was excited. It would be boring to be here talking about fashion and ladies' stuff alone. When I visited Cee's blog, I noticed she was down to earth as that reflected in her posts. Sometimes, a girl just wants to go around and read what goes on in other girls minds and that is exactly what Cee's blog has to offer. 
For this challenge, Cee is sharing on love and life. Want some of that mushy mushy stuff? Click here to visit Cee's blog. 

JDB: This other guy has a very nice and relaxing vibe to his blog. I like how he tries to incorporate lessons within his witty stories. He has a really nice sense of humor that you will not fail to acknowledge in his writings. He seems to be very good at story telling, the type you would love to complete a relaxing day with. One would think he would run out of them in no time, but he manages to keep the contents relevant, fun and engaging. 
For this challenge, JDB is sharing stories on his journey to growing up. Want something refreshing? Click here to visit JDB's blog 

And last but not the least. Yours truly is sharing on fashion and style.
Y'all know how I roll here. Keeping it going, everyday, all day :)
Click here to see my previous entry

Nice blend innit?
We the baddest crew :) 

Please, don't forget to visit their blogs and check them out.
Whenever, you need to link to their blogs, scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog and you will see links to all the other 3 blogs. Make sure your days are not boring, that is why we are here :) 

Love always 
Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl 


  1. Awww *blushing* :)! Lmao @ Want some of that mushy mushy stuff?
    Thanks for the Shout out n'all

  2. **Smiles. Ms J.B, this is so much of an encouragement. Its good to know that we are all still in the race as at July, GOD willing by December when its all over we are gonna have a "We gonna Parry hard kinda celebration" **Smiles.

    Thank you so much for your kind words B.M, you just gave me 1 more reason to keep writing :). In the words of DJ Khaled, as a team we are... W-E-T-H-E-B-E-S-T....

    P.S: Permit me to add that this challenge has given me a sense of belonging, and I still wonder how Blogging will be when it is over... But right now i am just basking in the joy of the 14-FOR-14 Challenge... GOD bless Ms JB. Cheers.

  3. I'm thrilled you people are doing this. Well done guys!

  4. Wow!...Nice...I can relate to the part when people lose their drive and go into commercialized blogging.....I like it here....'14 for 14' challenge is a nice boost...


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