Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Hey lovelies
This has got to be the most hilarious joke ever. 

Manchester City launched a Q&A session for their star Jesus Navas on twitter yesterday with the hashtag #AskJesus...  It was trending so I decided to click on the hashtag. 
I guess it just seemed like the jokers on twitter finally had something to make their day. People started tweeting some #AskJesus jokes as questions. 
I wonder if they had any serious people ask real questions. It's just too funny. 
See some of the questions below

Continue to see more questions

People are crazy!

Love always


  1. heheheheh If you can Walk on Water, can you swim on land?? and How does it feel playing against Moses in the EPL? .. hehehe Now those two were just crazy. lmao... as in Epic... People have time shaa.... Twitter, the humble abode of many Jobless folks. :)

  2. LMAOO! What the hell?



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