Monday, 14 July 2014

Feed a child commercial - What do you see?

Hey lovelies
Happy Monday!

So I stumbled on this video commercial that has caused a lot of outrage.
Watch the video below and see how many messages you can get from it.

Who did this?
It is supposed to be a simple video prompting people about the 'feed a child' campaign. Look how complicated it turned out. 
I barely had a class on health promotion (with no real work experience on something like this) and I can categorically say everything is wrong with that promotional piece. How could they have missed something that basic? I just cannot fathom it.
I want to believe a group of professionals came together to put together that advert. What I cannot figure out is why no one was able to see the very obvious message, that was even more profound than the intended one. Sometimes, you have to dig harder to find the hidden messages but this one was way too conspicuous to be ignored.

I remember when we had to present health promotion posters and the tutors told us to keep the posters and scrutinize them thoroughly to be sure they were only conveying the desired messages. Believe it or not, when you sit down and think, you could find things that could irritate a certain group of people and try to eliminate them. This does not look like it underwent that kind of process at all.

I am always grateful for this opportunity I took to come do my Masters here. The wealth of knowledge I have gathered within these past few months has been immense. I am sure none of my colleagues from school would have been careless enough to approve for that work to see the light of the day. Maybe that skill is not so basic after all 

Oh well, now they have to work harder on some good damage control on something that could have easily been avoided. 

Have a fruitful week ahead
Whatever you do, make sure you are promoting your cause and not marring it :)
Love always 


  1. I get what they were trying to do. But why oh why, did they feed that child like they were feeding a dog?

    1. Please, can you explain? I just do not get it one bit

  2. I get the message and even when we look beyond the racist outlook. You get the message even the org is trying to is a sad reality out there, like the ad said dogs get to live way better life than most humans...people are starving, not just blacks but in war torn nations.

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