Monday, 28 July 2014

Style my way: A little skin

Hey lovelies

When the heat is here, you start to reduce your clothes to the barest minimum LOL
No kidding, the heat can drive you crazy.
At this stage, I just want to go to the market in a pair of short shorts and a crop top, but guess what? That is so not my style :)

I do not like to show off a lot of skin
When I do show off some skin, it is usually my legs, upper back, shoulders or hands.
When I show my legs, I try not to show everything.

I do not like to flaunt my trunk except when I just have to e.g. sporting outfits, costumes, swimming clothes or other special events ;)
I just do not feel comfortable walking around the city area with my tummy bare for instance. If I have to show it, then it should be just a tiny 'silver lining' sorta and not everything.

I have very nice abs, you can bet I love to work out, so don't worry it is far from insecurity.  I do crop tops at home, and I think I could for a night out as well, however, I just always have better options that it never feels like one. You see, that's how you know that something is so not your style :)

Like I mentioned before, you always have to find your comfort zone and crop tops aren't just mine

Have a nice week ahead
Love always

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl


  1. IKR!

    Crop tops aren't my style either.

  2. You look fabulous and I love your skirt. I'm not into crop tops either

  3. Crops dont work 4 me either... love d skirt...

  4. Thanks everyone
    I guess there are so many of us that do not do crop top fad then

  5. Wow! This is just Wow! You look very pretty.

    F.Y.K.I oh, I have successfully stolen the 2nd Picture **winks, please don't ask me for what Blog Mother. :p Cheers.

  6. Please, can I steal your skirt?

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  8. I don't like to show off a lot of skin I like and that smile is so enchanting too.

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