Friday, 11 July 2014

This is what is wrong #jadapose

Hey lovelies
Everyday I wonder what would be left of this world soon. People just wake up everyday and prove to me that it can only get worse and worse. People just find ways to be outright inhumane. Where did we miss it please? 

My rant this morning is due to this story of a 12 year old girl that was drugged and raped by her friend at the said friend's house party. Now that is not the saddest part. The friend filmed the whole process, took pictures and put them all over the web. Guess what stupid teenagers and of course, adults did? 
You will be so surprised. 

They did this.

This is the picture of Jada posted online after being drugged and raped.

                                Instagram - @hitdatjada 

Well, not exactly and that is because I covered her up a bit. Imagine this picture without the dark edits. Yes, you guessed right. She's naked. People are mean! 
Some other senseless sort imitated the girl's pose in the picture that was posted online and ridiculed her to scorn by making their own pictures. They tagged it the #jadapose and it went viral. This simply means that a large amount of people used this hashtag to pull enough weight for it go to viral. What brain does anyone who jumped on this hashtag have? 
How can anyone not know the mere thought of this was stupid? What world are we living in?
I feel afraid everyday for the unborn generation. This place is so not safe anymore. 

We have a lot of work to do.
Trying to figure out this wickedness in the world is not working.
Please, dare to be different. The world needs you, it is more apparent than ever that wickedness is engulfing a larger part of this worłd, we have to particularly try to rescue what is left of it. Share love. Show compassion and not wickedness. 

Love always


  1. Ms Janyl, after I got your mail notification yeah, I went on twitter to see for myself. it was just plain wicked and dumb as to how one would humiliate a 12 year old to such an extent, and then the very society which is supposed to condemn this evil supported it by imitating the pose, and joblessly starting a Hashtag :(... SMH Its even stupid thinking about how someone can just lay on the floor to strike such a nonsense post in mockery of an innocent child, and so I sit here wondering whatever happened to our Morals?

    From my eyes, life on earth has never been safe, and the age we are in is just another Sodom and Gommorah... A ticking bomb soon to go off. GOD help us. NO! I recall he already did by sending Christ to die for us.. Its time for US to help US. Cheers. :(

  2. This is so sad. This world is turning to something else. The most unfortunate part is that it would not get better. These are just symptoms of the fact that values are being conspiratorially eroded all over the world.

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