Monday, 11 August 2014

Updates on Ebola

Hey lovelies
Sad period for Nigerians I must say. I hate it when I  have to do this but oh well, welcome to my world. It is not easy being a Nigerian.
I know you all have heard about the rave on Ebola in Nigeria and how it is killing people mercilessly.

First I have to say, I hate the nonchalant demeanor by the government of Nigeria most of the times. I hate how they always subject the poor citizens to one hazard or the other. How can it be so hard to be a Nigerian? It is almost like no one cares or takes their job seriously.

Let's take a critical look at this:
I first wrote about the Ebola threat in March. I read that Ebola was threatening neighboring countries and I thought it necessary to warn my readers and anyone else that could have stumbled on that info. Before I put up that report, a functioning health system should have had information specialists that should have gotten a hold of that information long before I did. Read it here if you missed it.
Fast forward to April, I read some reports that the threats to neighboring countries were even more severe and I put up another post. Read it here if you missed it.

In August, Patrick Sawyer was allowed to travel from Liberia (an endemic country) without proper surveillance. From March when Ebola was identified as a possible threat, no one thought to plant effective means to control it from breaking into Nigeria? I heard he was headed to more than one state in the country. From Lagos to South South, Calabar. Imagine the spread? I shudder sometimes at the system in Nigeria. Is this how vulnerable Nigerians are? Like really, no one cares?
We all understand nobody should just wake up and close their borders at the slightest indication of a threat and disrupt so many things, but nobody said do not take precautions by looking for effective ways to allow for proper monitoring.

Kunle Afolayan and Gabriel Afolayan were recent travelers to Kenya and they were complaining about how they were subjected to 'a not so good welcome'. Read that here 
At the end of the day, they could still go there and do what they needed to do but most importantly, the citizens of Kenya were not compromised while the government tried to ensure that.  I expect that if I leave this place now and travel to Nigeria that I will be screened thoroughly on my return. It is either that or you stay back in your country. They are just necessary preventive measures and any sane person shouldn't make a big deal of it. That is something that should have been given full consideration in Nigeria, alas, the people that should have thought about this were worrying about, *please, remind yourselves of the many irrelevant things that have cropped up in the last months because I hate to even remember them sometimes*
I feel so sad for us. Misplaced priorities as usual!

And anyone wants to argue with what President Obama (president of 'the United States of America) had to say that what countries like Nigeria actually need is a better health system? One that cares more about finding solutions and not ways to propagate selfish desires? Read it here if you missed it

Look at how much Nigeria is having to deal with something that could have required a lot less to manage, had the relevant actors paid more attention to doing their jobs.
President Jonathan (Nigerian president) just declared a national emergency in Nigeria after having lost lives to Ebola. Click here to read

Meanwhile, we can all guess what will happen to that money the president just approved, can't we? We should not politise things like this but what can we say? Welcome to Nigeria.
Nigeria needs a whole transformation in the leadership arm. That's all I have to say.

Dear lovelies,
Do not do anything stupid. I think the fear of Ebola is killing these days than the disease itself. I would love to blog more about effective preventive measures but I am just very occupied this period. When in doubt, check
The site has proven to carry valuable information hence my referral. If it starts to recommend things like taking a bath with salt water, I will come in just in time to refer you to somewhere else. I do tweet a lot about safety measures and recent updates, follow me on twitter and send in questions if you are worried. I can easily reply on my mobile no matter how occupied I am.

Enjoy your week lovelies. Please, stay safe.

Love always
Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl


  1. we really need to work on our response time in this country. what dyu expect from a country whose docs go on stike for months and nothing is done about it. May God help us!
    Nice blog btw. pls lets follow each other on google friend connect! thanks

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