Monday, 15 September 2014

Inspiring you! Be yourself, that's all that matters

Hey lovelies

I'm going to start by sharing a short story with you today.

Last year, I found this girl with this lovely set of curls. I really loved her hair and the way she styled it, so I decided to follow her on Instagram just so I can catch up with more hair pictures (especially with some tips and the products she used). In one of her pictures, I noticed a guy left a comment that he was there for updates about her snake and how fascinated he feels when he sees them, but the hair posts were so annoying to him and he might be forced to unfollow her soon. As I was clicking through her pictures, I noticed she had a pet snake. Hmm I just skipped the snake pictures and left her page. I hate things that creep, I can't even stand them at all.
The next day, I opened my Instagram and just at the home page (without even going to her page), I noticed she had updated her page with more pictures of her snake. She did that the whole day. It seemed like an endless ride. I was becoming traumatized so I simply unfollowed her quietly. I'm sure she was just thinking she'd try to please the guy not knowing she was losing someone else in the process.

My point is, sometimes we put ourselves through so much stress trying to please some people not knowing that we actually lose others (sometimes, those that matter more) by doing those same things that another person might seem to like. You can't make everyone love you no matter how hard you try. The same things that draw others to you are those that will chase some other away. How about you just concentrate on those things that make you happy and fulfilled any ways? At the end of the day,  you have to gain some and lose some.

I'm sure you might think that you can play them both (Like be real sometimes and fake sometimes) and it'd be a win-win all the way. The truth of the matter is you can only lose more with that approach.  Let's go back to my story.  Imagine she had only hair pictures there, I would have stayed. And imagine she had only pictures about the snake, the other guy would have felt better too.

However, there's  also someone who would love to see pictures of her snake and her hair, and she'd seriously be making that person's day. Get my point? There is someone who prefers that special combination that defines you anyways. 
So what should determine what you spend your life worrying about? THOSE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU YOU! Sometimes, you might need to find the balance in your life, but never lose yourself whilst at it. You actually lose people that care by trying too hard to carry everyone along. 

Be yourself, you are different for a reason! 

Love always
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  1. This is a lesson i learned early. I am "unapologetically" me. I don't apologise for who I am.

  2. Mehhnnn GOD bless the day I found this Blog eh.. I mean You never fall short of being an janyl. Thank you for this post BM, it entered my hard head. I for one is learning that its all about being happy on the long run. Whether people like you or not dont really matter, cause no one will ever place your happiness first other than you. Cheers Mother :)

  3. Nice write -up,.duru is right, ur happiness shouldn't be traded for anything...

    making the world a better place

  4. You are right. Do what makes you happy, as long as it is not harmful to anyone, cos there's nothing you can do that will please every single person

  5. Beautiful post! I discovered many years ago that a life spent trying to please everyone is an unfulfilled one. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. And that's how I digged up this post from 2014. I love love it. The story is a practical example on why we shouldn't try to please other people. Thanks for sharing.
    Life|Hello July


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