Monday, 8 September 2014

Inspiring you! Humility works

Hey lovelies

Whenever you think you are better than every other person because of certain factors, read the profiles of most successful people around the world and be humbled. I love to spend time to read them because it literally sets me on fire. 
Let's look at a quick example. 

I mentioned here how I spent some time to read some of the rants and threads where the conversations of the issues in the Nigerian health sector were raised and some of the comments by some doctors were so appalling. It was as bad as one doctor asking everyone who did not have a medical degree to leave the conversation because as far as he was concerned, they were clueless. I found it very funny because they were all talking about issues affecting the health sector in Nigeria. I will be using this to illustrate this so you can understand exactly what I mean. 
The worst attitude most doctors have is looking down at people with other degrees. A little professionalism would have helped to evade all that happened in the past few months.
I will tell you something. Humility goes a long way. Trust me, you will be better off if you do not allow yourselves to be carried away with the 'I am better' syndrome. Life has a way of forcing us to see that. If you do not humble yourself, life will. Being humble doesn't mean that you will suck up to people, it just means that you will not spend time trying to make people see that you are better. I don't see the need to try to show that you are better. If it is any consolation, chances are that if you are, it will just show. You don't need to force it down on others. 

I read a story about the richest woman in Africa and I was astonished. She never attended university. So what could you say about that? Whatever you think you have might be priceless, but there is more to life than all of that. Don't get carried away. 

Johnathan has no clue what it means to be a resident doctor and how important it could be, but he had that power to blur a lot of dreams with a snap of his finger. When it comes to knowledge experience, etc, there are so many people that have it than President GEJ but guess what? He is the president and every other person just has to deal with it. 
While the whole back and forth with JOHESU and NMA  was going on, I knew just one move from the presidency could shut everyone up. I never expected him to come up with such a drastic measure. I knew he would call things off because that was way too uncalled for.  I guess he just needed to remind everyone who was in charge. Doctors, consultants, with all their qualifications were writing to him to intervene. He never had a medical degree so how did they expect him to know when they wouldn't even listen to their fellow health care professionals who did not have an MBBS? This makes me laugh everytime. 

Let's look at President  Jonathan's  background again. 
"Jonathan was born in what is now Bayelsa State to a family of canoe makers. Jonathan holds a B.Sc degree in Zoology in which he attained Second class honors. He holds an M.Sc degree in Hydrobiology and Fisheries biology, and a PhD degree in Zoology from the university of Port Harcourt. Before he entered politics in 1998, he worked as an education inspector, lecturer, and environmental-protection officer." Wikipedia. 

Seriously, fisheries biology! 
Today, he is the first man in Nigeria. A lot of doctors and professors are protesting today and everyone knows that one decision from that man that studied zoology while you had to study a lot more with zoology inclusive can change their entire lives. That is the thing you cannot tell about life. I don't know what you think you have that makes you better than everyone else, when you see people, no matter how inferior to you you think they might be, learn to respect them. It is not so hard. This life is one very funny place, if you are smart, you will hold onto those principles that do not seem to change. No matter how unpredictable life is, somethings still remain constant, one of them is "if you are humble, you will be lifted". Be wise! 

Love always


  1. Interesting to learn more about the President .. I'm impressed..

  2. Wow! 1,000,000 likes for this post aswear... I mean its amazing how you put it out there straight to censor. Truly BM, if We do not Humble ourselves, life will take the Honor of doing it for us... Sometimes sha, I must admit that one gets carried away because of the mighty NOTHINGS that we think we have, but I know that its better to be Humbly sitting in the crowd, and then graciously ushered to the high table, than to have struggled for attention and a sit at the High table, and be rudely ushered to the crowd..

    Thank you for this post Ms Janyl benyl.. Mehn You have no idea how grateful that I am for this Monday series.. It always feels good to read your thoughts mama.

    This line hit me the most, so its more like my MANTRA for the day :

    .....""Trust me, you will be better off if you do not allow yourselves to be carried away with the 'I am better' syndrome""...



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