Monday, 29 September 2014

Inspiring you! What's in it for tomorrow?

Hey Lovelies

The other day I was just thinking about all the things I wrote on my list to accomplish and at some point I felt like it was back to back and there was no time to even take a good break. 

Truth is, I just found those opportunities and I knew it would do me a lot of good in future. In as much as I know my body would do with a well deserved rest, I kept analyzing my thoughts and those gave birth to this post. 

Sometimes you want to give in and splurge on a nice trendy item but you then remember what the opportunity cost is. You realize you have to put the money into something else.
I came to the conclusion that there is always a better time to do things. If you do not stress it out today, you will need to tomorrow. And what better time than now? Sometimes, if you're unlucky, you can never get those opportunities again.

People are just tuned to waking up and wasting their time. They just wake up everyday with no aim and waste their youths on things that make absolutely no sense. Invest your time in something profitable. If you think you will ever need to work two jobs to be able to take care of your family, don't you think now is the best time when you have less to worry about, strength and a lot of time in your hands? Sometimes, it might be a big sacrifice that will be a great asset in your portfolio forever even though it just doesn't yield physical cash today.

I see a lot of people think about 'what's in it for me today?' that they fail to invest in their future. 
It is better to not have all you want today. If you need to make a sacrifice for your future, don't hesitate. It's always better now than later. When you're older, you'll realize that not living the luxurious lifestyle saved you a lot. There are some things that you can get away with today which may seem a lot easier today and not later. 

Some of the things we waste our resources on today are not relevant at all. Too bad a lot of people will only realize this when it's not that easy anymore.
If you haven't made plans to invest for the rainy days, you are not wise. 
Sometimes, you see someone with a very expensive car with really nothing saved for the future. 
My question is: So you're going to work hard, buy a big car to make you feel good with absolutely no investments for tomorrow? Truth is, a smaller car would be just as effective but like I said most people's brains are wired to 'what's in it for me today?' mode.  You'll see a girl dressed up from head to toe in very expensive items. If you check her very expensive bag, there's really nothing in there, even if you were to calculate it in terms of potential and not physical cash. Sometimes, they are not even sure where their next meal will come from. Why do people do this? When you are making decisions, try to see how much of it you stretch to cover the nearest future.
I have seen so many entertainers who were swimming in money a few years back drop to a very mediocre life because they "lived in the moment" and forgot to save some for the future. I'm talking about people that were worth so much basically begging to survive now.

Do not get to that point where you think you have arrived and you start to waste money. I'm saying this  because I know Dangote and Alakija do not read this blog. If you get what I mean! Before you start to throw the money around, ask yourself 'What better way can I use this money?' You have no idea how some of those you invested can be your only way out to starting a dream business in future.

I know some of you look around and it seems you're losing out by not living the 'YOLO' life, don't worry, every sacrifice will pay off. If we follow the principle of "Hard work pays" then chances are that you'll have less to deal with later, because you've already paid your dues. 
Just trying to say, if there is a better time to suffer, now is definitely better than later. Now that you're young. Now that you're more capable. Now that you have less people dependent on your success. Now that you have the opportunities. 

Invest your resources wisely. 
Cut the excesses, work harder today. You will appreciate it tomorrow.

Love always 

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  1. True that Janyl... If there is a time to suffer, it is now! Its amazing how we Young people are tempted to live the Life that we have not yet attained. Now i am not talking about the ""Fake it Till you make it Movement"" ( to which i am a proud supporter of), but the ""Fake it Till you cant Fake it anymore" one. I think that like you said, it is imperative that we outline clearly our priorities and scale of preference, thereby determining what exactly we Need at the present, and defining what kind of future we want for ourselves, that we draw up a Why to keep pushing us to want to be greater, and that we be determined to sacrifice our Today for a better Future ( Sorry I dont believe in the word tomorrow so well). I think its important to remember that we will never be **In JayZ's voice FOREVER YOUNG, so we have to use today in the best possible way. Cheers BM.

    P.S: I just got this new Mantra from you ""Suffer now, enjoy Tomorrow"". :)

  2. Hmmm. This is a very sagacious post.


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