Thursday, 30 October 2014

A bad thorn in the flesh

Hey lovelies

I have to do this.
I hate it when companies decide to be unprofessional.
So this company contacted me for a business collaboration which I declined. 

A few months after, they started sending me useless emails about their promotions.
I was angry that they added me to their subscription list without my consent. I quietly unsubscribed, only to receive more and more promo emails. I have unsubscribed up to 10 times and even sent them series of emails. instead of yielding, they send these ridiculous mails to humor me.
There was one they sent with lots of emoticons. I wish I did not delete it, so y'all can rate these people's brains. 
I did not even give them my email address to start with. I use this mail for important stuff, so you can imagine my annoyance every time I have to deal with their mails. 
The email above reads:

Hi dear,
So many days had gone, we still haven't received any reply of you.
We are waiting for you, so anxiously and eagerly.
We treat you as our lover, afraid your leave.

What's the matter that make you hesitate to marry us?
We are not a good man? But we are sincerely.
We ask for you too much?
But our price are reasonable.
No matter what is the reason. Give us a second chance to let us show our glory.
You will never regret to take your time to judge us.
Waiting for your smile.

If you have hair order about lace wigs, hair weft, lace closure, lace frontage, pls let me know. (Please reply unsubscribe if you do not want to get this email.)


Just For Beauty Hair Factory.

I thought this was supposed to be a hair company. Sounds more like a dating outlet to me. I have never seen such an unprofessional set of people. Talk about "we treat you as our lover, afraid your leave" What rubbish is that?
I am so happy that I never bothered to do any business with them. That gives me joy everyday. The owner of this company must be a real joker, seriously.
How can you force someone to receive updates about your ridiculosity?
I will have their time soon, they should keep pushing me. Seriously, they don't know how serious I can get sometimes. 

If you like go and try to shop with them. You are OYO. People that cannot even keep their words and allow people unsubscribe from their service, you think they'd deliver on any promise? Anyway, don't say I introduced you to them because this is not a promotional article. I have no links whatsoever with them. I am just voicing my frustrations. 

Love always
Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl 

OYO - on your own 


  1. I was confused when I saw the lover and marriage line. I was like, where is this letter leading to? What exactly is it they are trying to pass across?

    I can imagine how annoying it is. Pele

    1. I know right?
      Don't mind those guys, they want to see my bad side

  2. OMG! this is just hilarious! the message doesn't even make sense... "we still haven't received any reply of you"
    I'm so glad you declined their offer :)!

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