Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

This one is for all my fellow Nigerians.
Happy Independence Day to us and Nigeria 

It is Nigeria's 54th anniversary today.
So sorry this is coming late
I should have scheduled this. I thought I'd manage it during the day but it has been one eventful day. 
I couldn't miss telling you how much I believe in Nigeria, not on a special day like this one.
Keep Believing! May all our dreams for Nigeria come true 
God Bless our motherland

Happy October to everyone! 

Love always 


  1. Hello Janyl, Happy Independence day in arrears to you too BM. You know ehn, I finally got to meet Chude Jideonwo and Debola Wiliams last saturday, and you know what they said to me? they said, ""NEVER STOP BELIEVING, CAUSE IT IS IN HOPE THAT OUR ABILITY TO CREATE CHANGE LIES"" So today i join you and say, maybe, Just maybe someday this nation will be great again. Cheers Blog mother. :) Be safe oh biko.


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