Monday, 6 October 2014

#InspirationalMonday continues

Hey Lovelies

Have you been keeping up with the #InspirationalMondays' feature?

Inspirational Mondays was supposed to last for just September but we are taking it through to the end of the year. We're riding it together till we round up this year, lovelies.
Is someone excited? Stay glued, it promises to be very rewarding. I've put some time to prepare pieces that will keep you uplifted every week. I will also be allowing opportunities for other people to feature their own posts as well.

If you can write a captivating piece; short and precise, inspiring enough to encourage someone in any aspect of this demanding journey called life, send it directly to me via
It must be an original work and you will take all the credits for it
Add a short bio of yourself at the end with 1-3 of your links, if you would like people to link back to you.

While we have the short hiatus for today, don't forget to read all the installations for September and brace yourself for next Monday as it will continue non-stop till the end of the year.

Have a great week ahead

Love always


  1. Awwwggghhh no Ghen ghen post today??? **wears straight face... Mother with all due respect accorded, mean to tell me that i will have to wait 7 whole days?! Thats not fair now... **crying in French... Oh well, just cause you are who you are, you are allowed. Hehehe.

    I love the fact that you are going all the way BM, this series might seem simple, but trust me, it hypes me up just like caffeine. Cheers Ms. JB.

    1. That's good to know
      Monday is almost here :)

  2. Embrancing the Yous and loving self is the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves, There is none like me. I love me and that makes me special and unique.When every one looks for who they are ; the world is a better place. Been missing out on this blog.

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