Monday, 27 October 2014

Inspiring you! The idea of buying and selling time

Hey Lovelies

Today, I will let you into some of my crazy thoughts. I am a very active person that the idea of staying idle usually drives me crazy.

I was thinking about how great it would be if people could sell their free time to people who needed it. Say for example, you have 24 hours that you have not found something great to use for, then you sell it to someone who is working day and night on this incredible project who may not afford the luxury of time but certainly has enough money that they wouldn't mind buying some.
Imagine that Dangote could buy time from all those unemployed folks that waste everyday chatting and sleeping. Since it wasn't making sense, I started thinking about the idea of buying time for future use - when you might need it more. 
It was during one of those crazy long summer holidays. I was trying to get a job then in Hungary, but it was seemingly hard - language barrier, other underlying issues, story for another day! 

I found myself waking up most days with a lot of time in my hands. I thought about how to invest it in the best possible way that I could, so I do not just wake up and waste them everyday. 
I think what inspired me the most was how tedious school days used to be that it felt like 24 hours was not enough for anything and then there I was with too much time that I knew I would be in need of sooner than later. I also noticed how a lot of these successful business gurus always wanted more time to work with. I couldn't imagine just wasting them on movies and leisure books, so I started challenging myself to do a few things each day. One of them that worked well was writing. I would switch from writing stories, to poems to articles instead of sleeping or watching TV. 
The thing that I was worried the most about was allowing myself to get into a too relaxed mode for months, where I would struggle to get back to staying motivated when school resumed. 

What I had no idea about was that I was actually investing the time.
Fast forward a few months later, I had someone contact me to send one of my write ups to them for a fee. I was so busy with school then, I wanted to just dismiss it, but then I remembered that I had a lot of them I could tweak around a bit to fit the context and it would work. I forwarded it in a few minutes and it was one of those that I wrote when I was whiling away time. Gasp! "I just traded my time." It suddenly occurred to me. 

The idea of investing your time is pretty simple - Instead of wasting your time on those things that do not add any value to you, channel it to those things that you may benefit from. Try a new language, learn about a new culture, volunteer, learn a musical instrument, try new things and expand your horizon. You never know which one of them might be a saving grace in future.
Imagine that you spent one of your holidays learning a new language and in future you happen to get a job where that becomes a major factor. That is a classical example of how to invest your time to save you some for the future :)

Have a great week ahead
Love Always
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  1. Turn Up Turn Up! Mama.. Okay I so agree ooo.. ( I am still waiting for the day Ms JB will put up a post and JdB would be like "" With all Due respect Mother, i dont agree ooo... heheheh That would be nice wouldn't it?)

    Immediately after i finished secondary school in 2007, i had loadssss of time while waiting to SEE if i would get into University. hehehe I was really just hopeful, and rather surprised when it came. now i hate to be bored or be a bore to another, and since my Mum Locked up our Playstation 2 cause of my younger brother, i had to rely on Novels, but nahhh.. Didnt work, all those fiction aint might thing... Anyway BM i got this old Diary from my dad and started writing out my Dreams. I would write my admission letter, calculate money i didnt have, just write down my future on that old Union bank 98 diary.. I even went as far as planning money i didnt have, and traveling around the world with teh maps and Time zones drawing at the back page :). Fast forward to today, its a habit.. and i have realized that most (not all) of the things i wrote down on that old Diary have today kinda come alive. Today i write Dreams for Africa ehhnn.. :)

    My point is then i was this 15 year old who didn't know what i was doing, didn't know that i was subconsciously training my self-believe system, and fast forward to today,, when i write on my small journal my future dream, i just look back at 8 years ago, and smile, cause i was learning from habits i was thought during my time investment years...

    Cheers Mama and do have a ghen ghen week your self. A part of me said to ask you if you are back in Nigeria yeah, while another part just asked me to mind my own business.. hehehe Sure you get my question. xx

  2. People say time is money, but wise people have come to understand that time is more expensive than money.

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