Monday, 13 October 2014

Inspiring you! Plan ahead

Hey lovelies 

As I was imagining the things Linda Ikeji had to deal with last week, I realized that most of them would have been avoided if she had tried to deal with them on time. 
I wrote about the misfortune that befell Linda Ikeji's blog last week here

When I started blogging, I did not know a lot about the different types of blogging.
I mentioned that I just started this blog, put out a post where I ranted so much and later tweaked it to something that was supposed to be inspiring and shared it. 

After that, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the blog so I started stalking other bloggers to see what they did with their blogs, just in a bid to make an informed decision on what I wanted to do with mine.
My first port of call was Linda Ikeji's blog. She was on almost everyone's blog list then, it was only proper I checked her out. What was intriguing was the amount of readership she had and the frequency of her posts. I couldn't understand how she had the time to update that often, but it was inspiring. I even sent her an email to tell her I had started a blog and was just trying to find my paths and all, and she replied telling me about trying to develop a thick skin if I wanted to be a blogger; not to let haters get to me, and so many very encouraging words that made me take to her instantly. She even added me to her blog list. She really is a nice person. 

Along the line, I realized her posts could be really uncensored and flat out annoying sometimes, which gradually deterred me from her blog though.

Before then, I mistakenly went to on one occasion instead of the (which was hers).
I was confused at first and later realized what was happening. I checked the rankings for both sites and I decided to contact her. She replied saying people had taken all the domains she wanted to use. 
I took the stress and researched for possible domain names she could use, because I realized she was a very simple person and I really wanted to help. When I did that search then, all those names were available. I just kept seeing the opportunity cost and I kept wondering why she could not realize what she stood to lose.  At first, I thought it was the money, so I found the cheapest deal. Then blogger was offering cheap domain names (which is what I started with as well) and sent her a mail again. To be honest, I saw this coming. If someone took the stress to register a (when it's not a name that is common that you will say perhaps, that is also the person's name), then I knew people were really mean and she needed to be very smart about it. 
Apart from that, I discovered she did not spend time to strategise or weigh out all the possibilities well, which is why I am writing this post. I realized that busy heads like us like to do a lot of thinking, and while sometimes we think it is not so good, it actually has a lot of positives. 

How can a blog that was paying Linda so much not have been able to afford people to manage different parts of the brand? Like she had to sit down and write all the posts herself, which caused her to resort to putting in minimal work. She was accused of copying other people's works. I mean she puts like 10 posts at least a day on her blog, if she is the only workforce, where is the time to do a good work there? She just understood she didn't need to work so hard after all. She just needed to do whatever minimal work she could and still make her money, since she had the name already.

And this is where the crux of this post lies. A lot of people like to get to their comfort zones and just relax. We get to a place where things are working and we just decide to sit on our bums and put in minimal work. We do not strive to plan nor try to forsee possible setbacks and try to work on them.
Someone once said the "best form of defense is attack." You do not wait for things to happen first before you take useful steps, which is something we are very good at as humans by the way. Why do you think a lot of countries do not invest in preventive medicine even when it has been seen to be more cost effective? Because that is not how people think by default. 

If you want to succeed, you have to always understand what is common place and try to break out of it.
When you have a brand or business, you need to constantly look for ways to improve on it. 
Forget that thing we do in Nigeria where we look for a way to get to the top, monopolize things and then relax and survive on past glory. In the real world, you have to always think ahead of your competitors. As a person, you need to constantly look for how to improve on your knowledge and on your self as a whole. Things will not stay the same like it was a few years ago. You have to move with the trend.  As someone that wants to succeed and sustain success, you should always aim to stay relevant.

I know of a guy who got into Exxonmobil with his first degree. He was doing just fine. Since this dude entered the company with his first degree, he did not even do as much as taking courses or anything. He was making loads of money, enough to have been able to fund any masters program anywhere in the world. There was steady flow of money so he just relaxed there. He understood his job was a mere question of chance, he stayed there until he was told the requirements for his position was upgraded to that of a masters degree holder, he was dropped while someone else was employed. The sad thing is, unlike us that like to go for the whole experience, there are a lot of online courses everywhere now. While his friends were talking about it, they mentioned that position was not upgraded but the organization just put it that way. "It was only bound to happen sooner or later. Everyone knew if he was smart he should have found ways to upgrade his qualifications to keep his position," they said.  He even admitted that he was stupid and lazy because they started hearing the rumors a long time ago. To be honest, all his friends said if he had thought a little, he would have realized that he was just lucky to have occupied the position without a masters degree and should have tried to do something about it as fast as possible. After he was laid off, he went to enroll for a masters program which was really medicine after death because it was a very different situation compared to when he was on the job. I don't think he would have been laid off if he had mentioned that he was working towards it in the first place. 
Which is my point about us always waiting for things to happen. 

It is smarter to analyze these things and try to deal with them before hand. 
Sit down and think of possible things you can add to your brand/business to make it better. Plan ahead, do not wait for things to happen. 
Invest in your brand. Invest in yourself. Look for ways to improve it. 
And never take pleasure in settling for less than all you could be. 

Love always


  1. Wow!! You and Ms. Linda quite go a long way oh BM. Well I guess you are right, many atimes yeah, we just forget that the world is moving at such a fast pace that if we stay put, we wont just be left behind, but run over. So I totally support stepping up the game all time every time, just that often times we get too lazy to realize this, and then Bam!! Its too late :(. Nice post Mama, i likey. Cheers and do have a great week Ms Janyl... :)

    1. The worst part is when it is too late to do anything
      Thanks JDB
      Have a lovely one yourself

  2. Never really gave much thought to getting a domain name myself.... but now that you mention it, probably worth giving it a thought.

    1. You may not need to
      It was expedient for Linda because she's using hers for commercial purposes and she was benefitting hugely from her site

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