Thursday, 9 October 2014

NIGERIA, the new 'model' for dealing with Ebola outbreaks

Hey Lovelies

I was so excited when I read official reports from a few international organizations a couple of days  ago including CDC that Nigeria had successfully contained Ebola.

I did not want to immediately publish the news after the reports just incase there was someone that was not properly monitored :)

Don't mind me, when you meet a lot of funny Nigerians, you will get what I mean.
But it is so true, the last confirmed case was reported as far back as August and none has resurfaced since, so it is safe to say it has been eliminated. 
It doesn't mean we can relax. Elimination is different from eradication. We have neighboring countries that are still major threats, so it's best we just keep the precautions as it is. I heard people say things like "Phew! We can relax with the hand sanitizing and all" but I really hope the Ministry of Health and other relevant authorities do not think this way too. We need to particularly keep checking everyone that comes into the country ESP, those from endemic regions.

New reports show Ebola is fast making its way to almost everywhere now. Even America that claimed in earlier reports when Nigeria was first hit that they were ready to handle it if the deadly disease made its way to the country recently sent troops to Nigeria to learn about how the situation was managed there. Legendary! 

Sincere thanks to all the partners that contributed to the fight against Ebola in Nigeria.
The FMOH, WHO, CDC, UNICEF, MSF, Health care professionals, international donors, the presidency, everyone that helped to share information in one way or the other, to mention but a few. 
Not forgetting all those that had to risk their lives to salvage the situation in one way or the other, especially those that lost their lives in the process. Your labor of love will forever be remembered. 

The purpose of this post is to urge everyone to still put in preventive measures. Even if we want to relax in future, at least not now that Ebola has become the most recently talked about threat in several countries. Good hygiene should actually be a habit. Sad it is Ebola that reinforced that but if you'd ask me I'd say if you learnt it, just keep it. If you didn't, you should. You should aim to work with clean hands at all times. Wash your hands properly as often as possible, and when you can't, use a hand sanitizer. 
I really hope we never have to deal with the deadly disease again in Nigeria, but "prevention is still better than cure". 

Love always


  1. This is one of the few times i am proud to be a Nigerian. To God be the Glory!

  2. @ Atoskin You can say that again.. I really thank GOD we survived that issue, and I just hope it doesn't come back down here, cause that stuff is plain scary. :(

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