Tuesday, 21 October 2014

WHO officially declares Nigeria Ebola free

In case you missed it, it is important that everyone hears that Nigeria has been officially declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization. It was announced yesterday in a press conference by the World Health Organization and the Federal Ministry of Health. If you carried the news of the outbreak, it is extremely important that you tell this part too, so no one would claim they missed it.

Let's play our part and make sure that everyone hears, however people choose to take the news is purely their cup of tea. 
Sean Astin, an American actor suggested that there was something wrong; something he believed was "manipulation".  Phewww! Can't help you with that one, Mr! Check his tweet below. 

Erm just wondering, who is manipulating who? Ignorance is so not bliss. 

I read somewhere how students from Nigeria were denied admission to a University last month. According to the letter from the University posted by one of the students online, their admissions were reviewed because they were from "an Ebola prone region". Such discrimination is quite baffling, especially when everyone knows the last suspected case in Nigeria was as far back as August. It was so funny because this school is actually in America, where there are still confirmed cases of Ebola. The irony! While it is quite shocking and unbelievable for most people that Nigeria can battle an outbreak like the Ebola outbreak and conquer it, it is what it is. We did. Can everyone get used to it already?

I am just glad that this is all over so everyone can go back and continue to focus on the other things that have fueled their desire to discriminate in the past. We all know discrimination is still the order of the day. No one should even try to patronize me.

To everyone that cares, please, do not relent. We only passed one hurdle. Ebola is still very much at our doorstep as long as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea still battle it severely. Let's join forces and help these countries fight this deadly disease. 
It will do everyone a lot of good to totally eradicate Ebola.

Love Always

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  1. ""so everyone can go back and continue to focus on the other things that have fueled their desire to discriminate in the past""

    It is well BM, i guess focusing on what really matters will help heal issues as relating to discrimination, cause although i have felt only a slice of it, nobody has the ability to make us feel less than we are capable, unl;ess we give them that power. Maybe in time the Discrimination (and even Ethnic) wahala will stop, or maybe not, I never really know...

    About the Ebola ish, to say that I am grateful to GOD that we as a nation survived it, is to say the least. But thinking about it now yeah, it makes me realize the power in ""Unity of Purpose"" Mother you needed to see how ALL of us were conscious FOR OURSELVES.. how everyone took diligent steps to safe guard our own lives, how even me that hates water had to shower as frequently as a mermaid, how even a brother related by blood was a prime suspect and a risk.. and it has me thinking, That what if we tackled all other issues in Nigeria in the same way.. Corruption, Terrorism, kidnapping etc.. It has me thinking that in Nigeria, the major problem is far from the government, but the individual mindset in its self, cause if we pointed out our corrupt brother involved in kidnapping, terrorism ( I mean BH has neighbors dont they? dont their neighbors and onward lookers suspect their activities?? ooo I forgot, the Fear to report is till there smh) corrupt practices and the rest, and stop blaming the seat of authority for everything.. then maybe, just maybe, We could change our country. But my Hypothesis are only based on theory, and may never be applicable. Thank God for Nigeria, thank God we survived. Cheers Ms J.B.

    P.S; I was thinking about what you told me one time based on Grants relating to Ebola... And it hiot me that if World bank had come out donated 2 Million USD to Nigeria as an Ebola nation, hehehe maybe Lagos would have reported a new case ASAP. hehehe smh.. it is well BM. Thank GOD there was no donation to Nigeria ooo. :)

    1. It is to ignore any narrow minded, pathetic, ignorant, numbskull who wants to wallow in discrimination and racism. You can't help someone who cannot see reasons to grow out of their ignorance, can you? To be honest, I usually do not pay them any second of my time until they fall into my trap and I practically give them a life long lesson. Should share some of my personal experiences soon.

      I am just happy Ebola is in the past for Nigeria. Quite something we should be proud of

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