Thursday, 16 October 2014

You do not know what women or men want!

Hey Lovelies

I recently read a list of "What a good guy wants?" posted by a man on Facebook and all that came to my mind was "seriously, who made you the judge of that?"

And I'm sure you have read one of those chauvinistic commandments yourself.  Seriously, next time you want  to write such, just title it "what I want in a woman or what I want in a man" and put it up like an advert or something. If I see it, trust me I will try to activate my kind heart and whisper a few words of prayer that you find him/her.
My point? It is not a one size fits all at all. If you get lucky, or search well, you will find that one that fits you. Yes, just like you would search for a shoe. If you dig deep, you will find that size, colour, style... just the way it suits your preferences. Sometimes, it pinches a little around the corners, but you are sure you want that more than every other one in the shoe shop. Could that be what every one else wants? Absolutely not!

If you are making music. Concentrate on making music. Nobody asked you what you think everyone should or not do in their relationships. You are not an authority on that. I have seen celebrities do this all the time. Anyone remember when Stella Damasus implied you should pretty much be done with cooking and make the house smell like you did not cook before your man returns and never fall short of this even though you were sick? I have read things in this my life. Ok peeps, do you know that people are getting trained to be relationship experts? The reason is because building the experience from just what you are exposed to isn't enough. There are different people out there with different personalities, professions, backgrounds, cultures, etc and you trying to basically transfer your experience to their peculiar circumstances will not work.

When I saw 'a good man doesn't want you to be on Facebook', I just had to cringe. When it comes to my opinions on these things, I like to keep a lot of it to myself because there is no point making noise about them. People just need to understand what they want for their lives and you really cannot make someone want something they do not have need for. So you get on Facebook and put up a post on how it is wrong for your partner to be on Facebook. People, please, fear God!
I read it with my friend and we were laughing so hard. I just let him do the whole reacting, because I was just shocked.

I was tired of reading it, but my friend decided to finish it and when he read the last line "if you must know, my wife is not on Facebook." We were literally on the floor laughing.
Seriously, who asked you what both of you subscribe to? I do not understand why people cannot just learn to keep their relationships to themselves. 
Should I tell you what other women do that your wife cannot do?
Or should I give you my list of what a good man should do for instance?

When you find someone that appreciates you and makes sacrifices to accommodate all your excesses, please, appreciate them and don't try to make it a rule of thumb for everyone else that may not be looking for what you are looking for.

Love always


  1. Loooll. Different kinds of 'experts' on social media. Reminds me of my marriage counsellor post. Lol. Shebi u read it?

    1. LOL not sure, I think so
      Will be heading to check it out in a bit :)

  2. People now tout their opinion on social media as the law these days. The fact that so and so worked for you is not a guarantee that it will work for the next person.

    1. It's okay to share your experiences if you want to, I think people can learn from it. My problem is when you title it as anything that suggests that you are giving out rules or guidelines

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