Monday, 10 November 2014

Inspiring you! Life cannot be all smooth

Hey Lovelies
Have you ever wondered when you will reach that point where life would go so smoothly - with absolutely nothing to worry about? I have! And that is because I have not had that in a long while. 

I was just recounting from a few years back and realized that there has always been one thing or the other coming up. I stopped trying to find that point in my life and started just taking each day as it comes.

I think the first time it really hit me was back when I was studying in Hungary.
I remember then, I would be so busy during term time with school work - praying to God to see me through and then summer holidays will finally surface itself, looking like I just found some room for some peace of mind. I would try to take a trip somewhere only to remember that I have to rush back to start the process for my residence permit renewal. I remember one time I was so busy with my examinations that I decided I would finish with it first before bothering my head with the long residence permit renewal process. I just had a few more days until it would really be expedient for me to go and renew it, otherwise I would be answering long questions, signing series of papers and complicating the whole process if I had managed to miss the deadline. I was always on time but this time, it was not looking like that would be the case. I needed to get recent documents for my apartment and  my landlord was not available to give them to me. I started praying so hard and I was like "Was it not just a few weeks ago I was praying so hard for my exams, really, don't I deserve some rest for once?".
And then I started thinking back and started shaking my head at how much I have always had one thing or the other to deal with at every point in my life.
No kidding, for as long as I can remember, there is always something to keep me on my toes.

The inspiration for this came from church yesterday. My pastor speaking said that it is not just possible for life to be a smooth ride otherwise, you are not keeping it real.
It immediately reminded me of that time when I came to that conclusion myself. I think it is just best to understand that as long as you live, your strength will always be tested. There is always one extra climb that you need to make. You cannot just reach that place where you do not have any worries at all. So when life comes around in different shades of struggles, trying to push you off balance, just know that it is just life being life. Consider every struggle a stage to help you attain new heights. Instead of trying to focus on the issues, remind yourself why you need to sail through, dust them off and keep it moving. When you look back, you will realize that you have come a long way and it took each of those struggles to get you to where you are now. And by the way, you will wake up with a new set of hurdles to overcome tomorrow. The bigger you are, the bigger they will be. Instead of hoping for an easy life, aim for the ability to overcome every challenge that comes your way.

Have a great week ahead!

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Love always
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  1. Exactly. That's life. It pushes, and we have to push back.

  2. Such a lovely post, wen life pushes.... We just have to find a balance

  3. In my Young and Confused 23 Year old eyes, I see life as a circle like journey, and not that on a straight line. This is cause I have learnt that there will always be curves at every point along the way, curves which take more energy to pass through. Its sad cause in my head I wonder why life can NEVER be perfect, why we can never have all we have, I wonder how no matter how some people preach wealth and absolute satisfaction, we can never have it all ( Health, Peace, Money, Time, Perfect Job, Perfect relationships etc), and then it hit me that If we were meant to have it all in the first place yeah, then there would never have being no Heaven, Earth, and Hell. There would only have been Heaven a place of peace, calmness, solitude and absolute everything.. So in my head, as long as there is Earth, and we are here, we are on this Earth, then we are on a Test, and its only those who can keep keeping on that will reap the reward of comfort as is hoped for in Heaven.

    P.S: Life is crazy yeah, but each time i survive going through the motions of any particular activity or challenge, I always make out 5 minutes after surviving to do nothing but enjoy the silence. I sit by a Bush, Roadside, River, Beach anything.. Just me, myself and I. Its not much peace, but its enough to say Thank you, and enjoy now regardless of the next problem along the next curve. cheers.

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