Monday, 3 November 2014

Quick recess

Hey Lovelies

am so sorry that there was no post for the #inspirationalMonday series for this week. 

For a while now, the posts for that feature has been really spontaneous.

When I started, I used to schedule them, but over time, I started doing them either on Sunday nights before I retire, or on Monday mornings before I step out, Sometimes, it is  when I have a little break during the day. I had become so used to keeping them spontaneous that I failed to remember how things would be different this week. I did not anticipate the kind of struggle I would have hence, my failure to plan accordingly. 

I had a conference to attend. Even though it was here in the UK, it was going to take me to another city, away from home basically. I had no idea that I would have issues with internet. I am writing another post soon on that. Do not fail to read it. 
I typed a post, clicked 'save', and continued gisting away with my friends, a few minutes later, I went upstairs to retire for the day, only to wake up the next day and not see my post. How long should it take a post to save? In my house it is a matter of seconds!!! Turns out the  internet was so annoyingly slow that it took forever to save. 

I decided to share this other post that I started working on because everytime I type a single word in a bid to remake the one I lost, and remember how tired I was last night when I was typing it out, I get really annoyed. So I decided to stop getting myself worked up.
know my real peeps will not mind this post :) 
Last week I had to attend the Lions Club International Forum. It wasn't just the conference that got me busy. My people were also coming from Nigeria to attend the conference. Y'all know I joined the Lions Club back in Nigeria, it was nice to know that delegates were coming all the way from my club in Nigeria to attend it. I had such a great time. Met with my homies after quite a while. It was amazing. 

Oh I just remembered I haven't done some introductions here. I have homies. They are like the people I roll with. We live in the same estate. We are family friends. We 'get ourselves' and they are just very cool people. It's not easy for me to say I am cool with people like that, trust me.  If you were looking for me at home and I'm not there, I would most likely be crashing at their place, that kind of thing. It was really nice having them around. They are like family, if you get my gist. 

My mum and sister were supposed to come as well but they had other engagements, it would have been perfect. If they had come, I probably would not have recovered this early :) 
That notwithstanding, I had a good time and I cannot even begin to imagine getting back to my normal boring days :)
But the good thing is that 'my feet can touch ground a little' and I can make a good post for y'all :)

Have a great week ahead
Love always

Twitter: @janylbenyl 


  1. Its all good BM, whatever post you put up is always fun to read. Truly its Family Over Everything all time every time... :) Cheers.

  2. I'm sure you had fun. Don't worry, readers won't penalise you for missing the post. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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