Friday, 7 November 2014

The annoying experience

Hey Lovelies

I really wanted to talk about this hotel we lodged at for the conference I blogged about earlier this week. I am not sure what happened - if the staffs just got overwhelmed with the number of guests that they had to handle and decided to be funny or they just became complacent, but it was really upsetting. 

For convenience, we stayed at the same hotel where the conference was being held. It was the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. It was close to the airport, as well as the train station. Perfect in terms of mobility.

"There would be a lot of people lodging there as well because of the conference, but it shouldn't be an issue", we thought. Boy! Were we in for a shock?! First, the rooms we booked for were not available. They gave us something else that was cheaper than what we requested for and they did not even bother to make any refunds because they claimed they could only move us to other rooms if we were not ok, but could not do that since there were no spare rooms as the rooms in the hotel were fully booked.
"What about the ones we booked for?"
"They are not available"
Did I add 'booked and paid for' months before the conference? 
When we plan to attend these conferences from Nigeria, we always try to get everything sorted months before time to avoid not finding suitable places to stay so everyone had gotten into the habit of booking early. Seriously, I do not want anyone to ever tell me that Nigerians are dishonest. Those guys were annoyingly so.

Ok to the internet part. This triggered this post. I have never gone to a Hilton hotel where you hear that you have to pay for internet usage. There's always free wifi. Once you have your name registered to a valid room number, you should be good. Turns out this hotel only had that served on the ground floor, so if you are upstairs in your room, you have to pay to use it. I think it was like 20 quid or there about. I'm not sure because I did not even want to entertain the idea of having to pay to use their wifi, even if it was for just 1pound. I was so pissed. 
So whenever we went down to the restaurant to eat, we would just use the internet there. And boy was it slow?! So annoying! 

The worst part was when they asked us to register a credit card for our purchases. We just decided to pay cash for whatever we consumed but my family friend did for his room. Omg! If not that he gets alerts on his phone when his money is taken, he would have been robbed of a whooping sum. They took some money for services that were not rendered. He received the alert and went over to the reception to inquire about it. Turned out they admitted it was an error and agreed to return the money. What if he did not double check what he was being asked to pay for? What if he had no alerts?
When we left Birmingham, we returned to London and went to another Hilton in London, you could see the difference. The ambiance, the staffs, the free wifi everywhere (don't mess around with me and my wifi access, I can appreciate it better than everything else you have to offer). Oh no! I do miss the hot chocolate at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole hotel. It was the most perfect one ever. Perhaps, it was just the presentation. Have I mentioned how I get carried away with the way food is presented before? I'm a sucker! But I promise it is not in my head, the hot chocolate tasted better than every one I've had before :) So Kudos to the guys at the restaurant for that one.

Special shout out to Bartek, the friendly guy at London Hilton Metropole who came to help us with our luggage. I promised to give him some ratings on trip advisor, what I did not tell him was that I have a blog and would do this as well. He went out of his way to do his job, no kidding. 
It's always good to appreciate good customer service, and this one is very deserving.

About to have a hectic weekend, so let me head off to start preparations.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Love always


  1. I bet they didn't want to miss all that business but customer service is very important. I feel you about the wifi, it ranks high up there too

  2. Nice.... Ehmm did i read Hilton? And my dram locagion Birminham? Coolll. So we can say you had a ""turned up"" week to an extent nah B.M. i think a huge mistake that most service issuing houses make is that they rate profit making over good services, forgetting that its good services thaf makes customers come back, and hence generate more income. Smh... i recently went to Samsung office Ikeja, and met this arrogant attendant... trust me nah Mama, i made a huge scene there... i cant deal with arrogance and poor customer servicing together.. that thing can pain... :(...

    P.S: in wajildas voice... Aint no love like a good WiFi love. A good WiFi never leaves you, nor break your heart no matter what :) Cheers. xx

  3. Na wa o. That's just wrong - robbery in daylight. Is there no organisation you can report them to?

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