Thursday, 8 January 2015

#14for14: And the winner is...

Hey Lovelies

As y'all know, we just concluded the '14 for 14 challenge' and it was such a great experience.
I am super excited that this challenge helped to wake up the blogging spirit in my favorite bloggers. See Cee, Tnotes and JDB, You know how people that survive challenges together always feel this sense of belonging with each other? That's how I feel right now. I know we didn't have the same set of challenges but somehow, I felt like I understood how hard it was for you whenever a post didn't come through early.

                      Every participant aced it. Feel free to share this on your blogs 

The great part was the fact that I knew that come every month, I would read something. I really wish I had coerced made all my favorite bloggers to join in this challenge. At least, we would have had 14 posts from them in 2014. The best part of the challenge for me was hopping around and reading all the other bloggers' entries. 

I am really hoping that this challenge helped to show you that you do not really need to abandon your blogs when you do not have enough drive to post sometimes, you can always find a way to post more if you make up your mind to. 

We agreed that we will have a winner, and since we were all writing on different themes, it was hard to judge this based on the contents of the posts. The criteria used instead were consistency, efficiency and most importantly the blogger that gave it a lot of life.
I joined in the challenge because I knew it would be hectic, but most importantly, I wanted to have the experience myself. Believe me it wasn't easy finding a theme and trying hard to stay true to it. Mine was easier 'cause it was pretty straight forward - style. How hard can that get? I decided to give it a creative twist by tuning into my own personal style and focusing on what ticks it for me.
Every blogger that participated put their thinking caps on and brought some creativity that I really admired. Well done again! 

Creativity and originality:
Cee talked about love and life
Tnotes was sniffing for treasure hubs via other people's blogs 
JDB keyed into his life and brought us stories about his growing up days
It was such a beautiful run, and you all did great.
For this part, there is certainly no winner

While it was obvious that some of us struggled at it, like we found ourselves running down to put the posts up towards the end of the month, JDB managed to give an impression that indicated that it was effortless as soon as he got a hang of it. I mean we all had to deal with the pressure sometimes, so we know. He was quite consistent with choosing a time of the month to post and sticking with it. It was quite impressive to see him shuffle it in at the middle of the month consistently and relentlessly.  It was easy for him to be the first to finish. However, I must appreciate every other person because no one missed any post. I thought someone would and it would be easier to choose our winner, but you guys gave it your best shots. There was a day when TNotes pushed his in just at the last day of the month. And Cee put up her last post on the 31st of December. That to me is discipline and it was quite admirable.

Another strong point for this challenge was to foster networking. JDB definitely took the spot by being that blogger that was always hopping around to read the other entries, so well done for that. I tried to do it myself and I found myself lagging behind and catching up on the posts a lot later than they were posted. And when I went to check out the blogs? JDB's comments were always there already, so this one was definitely a no brainer. 
I must also commend TNotes for choosing a theme that focused on discovering new blogs. Well done, again! 

And the winner for the '14 for 14 challenge' is JDB

However, I have something for everyone that participated. Please, send a valid delivery address to

Love Always

P.S. Should we have a '15 for 15 challenge'? 


  1. Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen... We won! We won!! We won.... Damn!!! I am feeling so mega fly now ehn!!! me! how? I don gerrit.. I mean half of the time I didnt even know what I was doing.. Mehn!!!! Chisoss... I am so excited, that my eyes are getting all watery... Wow!!!! ossshhhheeeeyyyy... lmao... Okay when i saw the notification for this Janyl, I was like there was no way I was gonna win, and here I am... Awed to the core... Thank you Thank you Thank yoouuu... lmao... I don belliffiittt.. lmao.. Thank you so much Mother, this is the Third only thing I have won in my life on my own, and I am so mega gratefull... **Kindly gimme a hankee, This is an emotional time for me Cc Toinlicious.. **lmao.. **crying in French.. I would like to dedicate this Award to T-notes for believing in me enough to review my confused blog, as that helped me stand on my feet in 2014 aswear, to the beautiful Cee for not making me Quit, cause as long I knew that I was gonna read her witty interesting posts yeah, it rang in my head that I was not to give up.. and to you Mother for everything... Aswear you are a blessing, a blessing words cannot explain... **cleans eyes... To the #YnCgang... Fam... This is for you, this is for us... thanks a lot for being there to read my confusions.. Turn up Turn up Ladies and Gentlemen... This confused man won something.. **shines teeth... **in Black eyed Peas voice... I have a feeelllinnggg, that this year's gonna be a good year, that this years gonna be a good good yearrrrrr.. Should there be a 15 for 15 challenge? Yes nah, Most definitely.. I am all in support biko.. I want ooooo Pretty please blog mother?! **Wears puppy face...

    #YoungandConfusedAfrica #ItcanonlybeGOD

  2. Lmao! Aww Duru congrats..and congrats again to the YandC gang fam.:)

  3. Yaaaaayyyyyyyy the Y'n'C gang won thisssssss...... Duru where your shoki moves at?
    A 15 for 15 challenge will be nice too

  4. Congrats Duru, i'm happy for you. Whatever package you get from this challenge send my own o

    1. You have no problem Bubba... We hustled togera nah, we must groove togerraaa.. **Winks...

  5. Well to everyone and special congrats to Bros Duru! I'm up for a 15 for 15 challenge o Janyl.

    Have a lovely week! X

  6. Congratulations everyone! Duru won! Nice! He impressed me with his consistency.

  7. I dunno what happened but I haven't been seeing your posts in my dashboard... Just realized this and started reading all the backlog :)! Thanks for the 14for14 challenge! Was really an amazing experience

    Hope it's not to late sha cos I'm going to still send my delivery address :)!


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