Tuesday, 20 January 2015

15 for 15 challenge - Introducing career talks

Hey lovelies

I am introducing a feature here where I will be sharing on success tips particularly on how to build a successful career. I have been thinking of adding this feature for a while now and it all started when I shared that I was a trained physiotherapist. A lot of people have been sending me questions about physiotherapy and how I made my career choice. I am now into public health but I ventured there from Physiotherapy. I will like to add that due to a lot of these requests, I will tailor it to my field of study some times. Also, depending on the kind of requests I get, it may be very specific to a particular set sometimes. And this is just the right time to mention that you will have room to send requests and if it is something I know I am equipped to handle, I will give it my take. 

However, it will be beneficial for every one. As a matter of fact, tailoring to particular sets is something I am still working on because at the moment, it is very generalized for everyone from all walks of life. These are things we all experience in our different fields and we just need to understand the roles they play and how to use them to our advantage. 
I have had my fair share of first hand experiences and I am sure I can ditch out a whole lot on how to navigate the best routes when thinking of a career. If I tell you my story, some of you will be shocked. But I will spare you the details and stick to talking about how I navigated to the success routes. I know people see me as a highly motivated person but I've had moments where I gave up but picked up again right on time, and continued paddling it to where I am today. 

It takes a whole lot of efforts to build a successful career. I made a few mistakes along the line, and that is why I am hoping that this feature will help you evade most of them.
If you stay with me, it will be extremely rewarding.
There will be at least an installment every month, watch out!

Love always


  1. Well you know what they say BM, mistakes make us better teachers.. In my 23 years 2 months and 9 days old confused head, I think this feature will be a win win kinda situation, as it will be both fun and enlightening.. Ooosssshhheey! I soooo cant wait... **In Terminators voice.. I will be back mother.. **Shines teeth. Cheers

    1. I intend to share some personal experiences along the line
      We'll see :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you on this. I'm sure it will be helpful to everyone and I trust you to make it easy-breezy.
    One more thing, why haven't you been posting on African naturalistas.


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