Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Hey Lovelies
Happy 2015! It's a brand new year and I am beyond excited. Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy one yesterday. I had a beautiful day.

And for those that didn't, I still love you.
Being born on the first of January means you have an early start to learning how to be very understanding in life. I grew up understanding that everyone is always so busy with their plenty other activities that sometimes, they just have to come back with "I'm sorry, I was so busy". I remember when my mum would plan my birthdays when I was a child and I'll be looking out all day to see if my best friends will be able to make it. Sometimes, they were not even in town.
It's not easy for random people to make time for you and that is why I really really appreciate everyone who reached out to me in one way or the other.

JDB you certainly made my day with this.
He went to all my social networks and kept the messages coming. Thanks a lot dear! May God richly bless you for the kind thoughts.

How did you celebrate the new year?
I spent the early hours thanking God for a new year. I braved the ice on the road and the cold to make it to church, that indeed was proof that 2015 would be a great one. I was just "dancing on ice" and asking God to help me not to fall. The ice on my street was bad. Three cars got stuck, so we had to walk an awful distance before we could use one. I'm not sure my city council prepared for this snow this year, because the response to it was not commendable at all.
But the great part, I made it to church and interestingly, the whole place was filled up.
I was just dancing and jumping because I knew I almost missed it.

The cross over to 2015 was so surreal. We had a countdown and the pastor asked us to pray our way into the new year. I was just thanking God for 2014. I couldn't even ask him for anything. I was just so torn at all he did with me and for me in 2014, I almost burst into a bout of tears. I heard people shouting beside me and I knew we had crossed into the new year. I was so elated to say the least. I usually cross into the new year in church, but it was my first time having the countdown with a ticking clock. It was so different. And then we started thanking God for a new year and congratulating each other. I didn't even tell anyone it was my birthday. I remembered when I was at home, once we crossed over, my dad would look for me where ever I was seated to come and wish me a happy birthday and everyone beside me will start to hug me. And my mum and sister would run down screaming "Happy Birthday" and at least half of the church will come around and hug me some more.

It was different. They were not with me like last year. I was so lucky last year, I celebrated my birthday in Nigeria after so many years, with my immediate family and friends.
This year, I opted for something rather quiet. I spent the day with the people I call family here in the UK and a few friends. It was beautiful. I love my sugar buds (Esther and Samuel) all day, any day. They made my day.

I got really overwhelmed with messages and calls, I couldn't handle it well anymore at some point. I like to see myself as a good manager, someone who can multitask and juggle so many things perfectly at the same time. Needless to say at some point I had to give up trying and just enjoy the day. Sorry if anyone felt I was ignoring their messages. I really appreciate all of them, you have no idea. P, I'm so sorry for the plenty missed calls and Vicky, I love you so much xx

Thanks google for the Birthday greeting that welcomed me as I turned on my PC. I just had this awwww moment :) 

I pray 2015 brings all our dreams and desires.
Here's to a very fulfilling one

Love always

P.s: More pictures coming up on my Instagram. Connect with me - @janylbenyl


  1. Happy New year n Happy bday in Arrears,hav a good year

  2. Happy new year and happy birthday in arrears

  3. Happy birthday in arrears Janyl.B. Looking fantastic as always. Xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday in arrears. may this new year bring many many more good things your way. I'm sure you had a great time.

  5. Google now wishes people happy birthday? Anyway, happy birthday. I wish you the best year yet in 2015

    Atilola's World

  6. Loving THIS
    Happy Brithday

  7. Ghen ghen!! Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen, my Blog mother is more ghen ghen than yours fam.. heheheh deal with it people.. (na Joke ooo) lmao. You see ehn Janyl, i cannot explain the kinda happiness i think you deserve, cause its rather un-quantifiable.. I wish I could put it in words... my 2014 was amazing majorly cause you chose to light a match in my life, and for that I thank GOD deeply. I am glad we are still here mother, and I am glad that there is still 1 more chance to make a difference. You rock, and my prayer for you in this new year is that may GOD make you sincerely happy in all the year, and may his happiness and joy in your life grow from within you. happy 2015 mama, you rock. cheers..


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