Monday, 5 January 2015

Ready for 2015?

Hey Lovelies
I know most of you are already gearing up to conquer this year. The thing that the beginning of any year brings to our awareness is the fact that we can more or less influence the outcome that we will get at the end by planning accordingly. Having just experienced what the end of a year feels like just a few days before the new one, you can already tell yourselves all the things you could have dealt with differently.

I guess that is why a lot of people try to put in new year resolutions and write out goals.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

I did not write any resolutions this year (I'll tell you why in another post soon enough) but I wrote out a few goals for myself this year.

I also put together a few posts on the different topics that I usually classify as my interests and I think you might find them interesting.

 If you are wondering how to do things differently this year to get better health outcomes, you will find this post I wrote for Bella Naija beneficial.

For my ladies who have written out hair goals, this post outlines 20 great tips that you will find very handy this year. You can also check on this one I wrote for African Naturalistas. 

I checked this post (5 tips that will help you attain your goals this year) I wrote last year and I found it very relevant for 2015 still.

There you have it guys, I pray all your dreams come true by the time we are reaching the climax of the year.

Have a very rewarding 2015!

Love always


  1. Amen to that prayer n wish u a wonderful year

  2. Good morning B.M, me ehn, I am a strong believer in writing stuff down oooo. I dunno how it happens yeah, but it does magic, and i have in recent times gone as far as sticking slips of papers to my room door( You need to see it, its like a mad mans door filled with my dreams on there, and the day Dad enters there ehn, he will shout wella :) ), i have almost occupied the entire surface area with my dreams sef.. The thing is with every new year comes new opportunities mama, but I am learning that unless we follow up with our goals with all tenacity, they will end up as wishes. However, I don't believe in resolutions mother, like i was telling yesterday, i don't have to wait for January 1 to make decisions that my "never will be perfect life" will not abide to, so what i do is take life as it comes, outgrow what i can, and stick to what sticks to me, hoping that it doesn't cause me to self destruct on the long run. Nice post Mama, it was a ghen ghen post as usual, and i wish you a ghen ghe week ahead. Cheers

    P.S: Wait oh Mama, you did guest posts for all these ghen ghen sites?! Its official biko, i wanna be like thee when I grow up. :D

    1. Thanks JDB
      Hope you achieve everything you wrote down when you look back at the end of the year

      P.S: Yes, I love to write :)

  3. I learnt about writing down goals in 2014 and as I've seen it really works, I'm planning to do the same this year...

    have a lovely week!

    1. Thanks Hun
      Hope it works out well for you this year

  4. Happy new year Janyl..


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