Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hey Lovelies
Lol I know this post smells trouble.
You see sometimes I wished I were anonymous, but some times I am happy I'm not. In times like this, I really do not understand why I am not. To be sincere. I'll tell you.

I always advice people that know me personally to just concentrate on talking to me and stop trying to know me through my blog, needless to say they never listen. They read my blog sometimes and start acting out an annoying script.

Remember that my 30's post? So this dude calls to tell me that he is my soul mate, meanwhile we both know that he doesn't even know what that word means.
I should be able to share my problems with my soul mate, right?

Btw that is something I find very hard to do - talking to people about things that bother me. You see my life is dedicated to being there for other people but I realize that when I need people, I only can depend on my family, so I usually just keep my issues to myself. That's not entirely true because I have had people I consider strangers and people I usually do not expect to be there surprise me pleasantly. (Like last week, thanks K)
But here is the thing, when you expect nothing from people, they can only surprise you. Now that can only be good, it only gets bad when you expect people to be there and they don't live up to the expectations.

For instance, I was really sick and I told "Mr Soulmate". When else can you really audition for this soul mate's part? See wahala! You see why you should stick to being you and stop reading my blog?
He just didn't care and continued about his selfish shenanigans.
Dude tells me it is not a life threatening situation that is why he didn't bother. Secondly, he understands I'm a very strong person and he knew I'd be fine regardless. Like seriously? What happened to the soul mate's role?

Ok. Dude, this is all I have to say. Stay away from my blog. It never helps anyone with a love/lust/infatuation interest. I can send you one or two contacts and you can form an association and talk about your experiences if you want to. I think you really should meet the one that wanted me to write a poem for him and post it on my blog with his 3 names. Hahaha you guys really should form that association of JB's blog readers for the sake of ... Erm hey, find a name.

If you saw where they were defining the roles of a soulmate won't you run? Hiss!

P.s: I will be back with the updates for the 15 for 15 challenge soon. Well done to everyone that has entered so far. Note: you can still join in till the 31st of January. I'm looking at us having at least 10 participants this time so we'll have fun voting for our winner. Tell more people to join in. Well done to our current winner, JDB. He's been doing a great job spreading the word.

Love Always

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*wahala - problem 


  1. Lool. I find this post funny. Pele

  2. Hahaha! Soulmate ko, soulmate ni...

  3. Hehehe soul mate sha. So you have to almost die before he'll show care? I hear

  4. Ehen! So you haf soulmate.. Yaayyyyy I am going to have a blog Father soon.. heheheheheh Mother the way the male mind works is amazing, but the way the NAIVE male mind works is annoying (Trust me, i am there **Shines teeth), so a kind way of resolving this is the simple silent treatment.. It solves everything.. The SOULMATE guy will use his tongue to count his teeth, and disappear by himself dasall. Cheers BM.


  6. Lol
    *singing* I no do kele kele love

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