Tuesday, 3 February 2015

15 for 15 challenge: Bloggers participating

Hey lovelies
Here is a list of all those participating in the '15 for 15 challenge' as promised.
Please, check somewhere on the side through out the year to easily navigate their blogs through mine.
Thanks to all the bloggers that joined in.

Find the list after the cut

Click on the names to lead you to their respective blogs.
1. The Young and Confused blog
2. La Vie De Clara O
3. The way Esther sees it 
4. Chynanu's blog
5. Soph's Inspirations 
6. Peace Itimi Blog 
7. Mindplosive
8. The Real Cilverly
9. Ediyemade
10. Janyl Benyl Shares - you are already here, no links needed :)

If I did not include your link, you missed one of the requirements.
If you met all the requirements and I did not include your blog, please, inform me ASAP and I'll effect the necessary changes.
Well done to everyone participating. I really enjoyed checking on all your themes. Brilliant work so far, we're going to have quite a competition this time.

Love always

P.S: I was recently interviewed by the lovely Sophie of Soph's Inspirations. Click here to check on it. 


  1. Kai!!! Mother i am in trouble oooo.. Aswear, I nefer Hexspeered it to be tough like this oooo!.. Choi! as in seeing the list above yeah, it makes my heart beat 5 times faster and i can literally hear the sound going kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo kpo as loud as a Street by 50 headset **Crying in French.. Asin afraid is catching me baje baje.. Damn! I am uber excited the challenge of this year is on a whole different level oh! bet mehn, its 10 times toughere... However, as a man that I will be when I grow up nah! I refuse to FIA (fear) **hits chest and to that i say to myself... JdB anything that 9 women can do, you can try to do too somehow someway nah. hehehehehe I am uber excited about the challenge this year Mother and i thank you sssoooo much for bringing it back. Its official ladies and gentlemen, its gonna be a fun walk.... Turn down for what Bikonu?! Turn Up Turn Up ladies and gentlemen, this is a ghen ghen something oooh!!! OOossshhhey! **Singing Dont you wish your Blog mother was cool like mine.. Dont ya?! **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile... Chers mama. xx

  2. Whoohoo!!! You are in for a big challenge Duru!!! He he(evil laugh inserted!) Will check all the other participants after my exams!

  3. Hey maami, how is this going if I may ask? Chei the year is almost over o. *praying earnestly* *Grace Lord*


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