Friday, 20 February 2015

Tell me not

Hey Lovelies

A few years after I made a decision to walk these paths in the manner I assured myself I had mastered, it took another bout of excitement to displace my very rational thoughts.
Tall, dark and handsome, cliche I know, but these have never mattered to me. 
Cool, calm and collected, the perfect epitome in every sense, now that got to me and more.
Down to earth, thoughtful, easy going, smart with an unmissable streak of confidence in every move. I've never seen any man as easy to love as him. Love? Did I just mention love?

I love his voice. It's soft, yet piercing.
I watched him make me his priority, far from anything I expected of him. As shrewd as this may seem, it was hard not to believe I was only being careless to follow suit. 
I noticed the hesitancy. He was willing to give everything and nothing, at the same time. Sorta hard to fathom the odds. 

As I failed to be as cautious as I knew I'd be, I hit the floor with an unswerving indigence. 
felt the jolt, right up to my guts. It wasn't swift, it was persistent - as persistent as the sun in its death throes. It's been difficult sifting through the ruins. Promises upon promises, I have made to myself to never fail myself again like I did. Should I? Shouldn't I?

An unfamiliar feeling lodging in a place that felt so familiar. It's a love-hate feeling. 
It's always best when it's felicitous - but this right here doesn't feel anything like that. This right here is unhealthy, it's insane - I mean stark, raving madness.

Whenever I was down this road, I pictured a tour de force sorta exit, but the reality is that I cannot come to terms with the fact that I will be trudging through this time or perhaps, a reluctant slithering. 

.... To be continued. 

Have a lovely weekend 
Love always


  1. **scartches head... Dear mother, you know that i am confused by default nah, so why do me like this? This post has suceeded in catapulting my confusion from ground level 1 to master level 77... Chisos... aneFer hexsperred it faaa... as i sit down in my ROOMsion, legs crossed, eating my coaster biscuit and sipping my pure (sachet water), I ask myself... JdB, Is this partly real, or is it all fiction?! but since i am also a lazy koko by default, i have ressolved in my confused head to simply watch out for part 2. :). How are you mother? Mehnn. You look like a million bucks in the picture above, and the crowd goes.... yyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh mehn. XX :) cheers.

  2. Gosh i love the words in here......but i need more context to understand your intentions....Do tell.

    1. Says the King of cliffhangers himself

  3. Okay I'm but then I'll just wait for the continuation whenever it comes

  4. this is so beautiful, and like the other commenters, I am confused as well. However, i think it must be reality rather than fiction, because the emotions come through so clearly.

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Thanks Clara
      Wish you a great one as well x

  5. Sure the part 2 will clarify things, didn't mean to confuse y'all :)


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