Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Career Talks: Bottom Up

Hey Lovelies

Most opportunities require you starting from the bottom. The problem with us young people is that we always expect things to be rosy right from the start. I do not believe there is any career where you will just walk in and you are sitting right in the days of glory.
You have to put in the work (suffer head) first before you get to that point where you start to reap the fruits of your labor. Fruits = there was a season of sowing. Depending on your career path, that sowing might take years. 

Forget all the 'high heel life' I try to embrace like what should be the norm, when the situation demands (which is my everyday reality actually) I get off them into some comfy kicks and get the job done. 

One day we'll get there - a luxurious lifestyle. For now we are still at the sowing stage which requires a lot of running around and basically, no time for all that luxury.
You have  to understand this for yourself. There is a time to labor and there is a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Do not mix them up. Do not be quick to use up the resources (time, energy, money) you should be sowing. Some people waste their sowing period on things that are very irrelevant. 

There is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom. The only thing wrong is being comfortable there. Sometimes, you need to start from the bottom more than once, embrace it. I know how many times I have reached that point where I thought "it's finally time to relax from all the struggles" only to realize that I am down at the very point where I need to harness my survival skills. 
You have to understand that life is a process. You cannot sleep and wake up at the top, you have to make a steady effort to get yourself there, more often than not, it involves a lot of sacrifices. 

Sow, 'cause there is a time when every effort will yield great returns. 

Love always


  1. I agree. There's no shame in doing menial jobs, as long as one has a goal and is working towards it. As me dad say, even money got from cleaning shit has no smell!

  2. Osssshey! Turn up! This line hit me the most, and amma gonna take it with me where ever i go: "There is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom, the only thing wrong is being comfortable there." and to that I say Oooosssshhhheeey! you know ehn Mama, i think its a thing with being Young and Confused; the urge, the spontaneity, the desire to be famous, wealthy, successful all at once, the desire for the Instant money like Indomie (You know the Blood money abi nah Drug paddling kinda cash).. Trust me ehn Ms JB i am one of those who wishes i would sleep and wake up and be a **In Wajilda's voice... Boss like that, but sadly life isnt so **Crying in French.. Sadly ehn mama, life is teaching me that just like Instant Noodles yeah, nothing in life is instant, as we even have to cook over time (pass time) the 'instant' noodles on a burner of flames (go through pain) before we can have our Instant noodles (enjoy success).. I am learning its same as life. We have to go through pain, tears, blood, sweat, time and more pain.. But at the end Janyl, when we tell our stories, it would all be worth it Insha Allah...

    In my 23 years 3 months and 5 days of existence, life is teaching me that no matter how bad, hard or tough it looks now, or how crazily tedious Today is, the beginning is not the end, and as long as I (in your words mother) keep sowing, it can only get better, and I can only get Richer Insha Allah **whispers I get really religious on issues of money.. I cannot goan comean be poor in this life **Shines teeth... And the crowd goess.. Yyyyeeeaaahh mehn!

    Turn down for what mbok, when it comes to Janyl Benyl yeah, our lives are transformed with every single alphabets she pens abi types down.,. and the crowd goess... UUuuuuuggghhhh.. Cheers Blog mother. xx

  3. Ur post resonates well with me...sow!be it in more knowledge or acquiring useful skills.


  4. GBAM!! There was no better way to say this..there is a time for everything and a season for all..lovely post hun..xx


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