Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Do we have white Nigerians?

Hey lovelies
I was checking for something the other day that took me to the federal ministry of health's website. To my utter surprise, there was a section that was talking about adolescent health for Nigerians but the image was that of white people. Seriously?

See the enlarged image below

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                         without altering its quality 
Why is it so hard for us to accept our uniqueness and work with that?
You can see this inferiority complex being displayed by almost every Nigerian.
Every time I see a musician go on and on about how his/her music video will be the best thing ever. I always know what to expect - Either they'd go and hire white faces and fill up the place, that they will look like they made an appearance in their own music videos or they will spend all the money they have to travel abroad to shoot it, and make sure it is very obvious that the video was not shot in Nigeria.

Have you ever thought about how we celebrate everything foreign in Nigeria yet our people struggle to be accepted in these foreign places? They call us immigrants when we go to their countries, we call them expatriates when they come to ours.

From my personal experience, I know that people learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself. Treat yourself as trash, and people will follow suit.

Nobody is going to come and celebrate us but us. No one is going to pay attention to our culture, our people, our foods, our heritage, if we continue to disregard them and choose every other alternative.
It's really time to stop pleasing other people at the detriment of ourselves. It's time to start taking pride in those things that make us Nigerians and showcase them effortlessly.

One day, we will understand exactly why we all should rise above this lingering mental slavery.

Love always


  1. The FMH personnel were just being lazy and got the first picture off the net they could lay their hands on......

    1. Actually, you're right 'cause this is the same one the World Health Orgainization is using, but there is really no excuse still. The question we should have asked is why no black person was represented in the picture in the first place, rather than lift it and use for an all Black Country. That is negligence of the highest order and cannot be excused.

    2. I was just about to say same!

  2. Smh. This is not nice at all. Why would they do that? A "whole" Federal entity! I rather use an African image on my blog that a white (Call me a racist. Lol) I love my culture, my heritage, my brothers. Loving my culture is accepting who I am.

    Infact, I'm positively angry! JB give me the link. I need to call them them to change it.

    1. It is not racism. It would have been very different if Nigeria had a white group or something. It's like going to a Chinese website to see pictures of black people being used to represent them, for instance. It just doesn't add up at all. You are so right "Loving my culture is accepting who I am".

      Lol, by all means - www.health.gov.ng

  3. Lols Naija and their lazy ways. Simply hire models that are everywhere you turn these days looking for gigs, and voila you have your picture. No they had to copy and past! Its really ridiculous.


  4. Well, hmmm. They should have been more accurate to be more convincing. :P

  5. Well seems to happen often, with even company websites. It's just a lack of professionalism I must say.

  6. a few years ago, i was at a local Salon getting my hair done and this woman who was peddling hair creams came in and tried Marketing her wares and i have always been good with patronising handmade or locally made products. so i called her over to see a sample and she starts to go on about how it was made in Nigeria and great for hair. i took a jar and what did i see? a caucasian woman with Long thick flowy hair and i asked....is this cream for me, a black woman living in Nigeria or was it made for her type? and shes like oh ist just a Picture and that right there got me upset and i refused to buy. i said if she wants to sell a Merchandise made for nigerian peopl, it cant be that hard to find a random nigerian Person and splash their face on the bottle or whatever Container is used. of course she starts to call me names but i didnt mind her. when i walk past Shops back home or Salons and see photos of beyonce and unknown caucasian women on billboards adverstising products for african women, it drives me insane.
    hope you dont mind if i do a blog post spin off from this?

    1. Quite saddening
      Sure dear, please, feel free
      Can't wait to read your take on it
      Sorry for the late response xo

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