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How to be a great lifestyle blogger - part 2

Hey Lovelies
I started sharing tips on being a great lifestyle blogger. If you missed the part one, click here.
Here is the concluding part.

6. Be consistent
Do not share today and not share for another month. Try to keep your posts regular. If you can make people expect it at a particular day and time, do it. It can be hard. I can tell you this, but I will also tell you that you can if you really want to. I have tried to post at least once a week for a while now and I've tried to be consistent. If I do not post on the weekend, then for sure there will be a post ready for Tuesday. You just have to make up your mind and you really can. It is easier with blogger because you can actually schedule the posts which has been like my way out for a long time. I just schedule the posts to come up at particular times irrespective of where I am and what I'm doing.

7. Connect with your readers
Yes, find a way to have a connection.
Allow comments on your posts and try to respond to them.
I try with this one. You guys have no idea how incredibly hard it can be sometimes. When I schedule a post, it means that I might be busy when the post comes up (the reason for scheduling in the first place) and it means that I might not be able to get around to responding to the comments till I have the time. You do not have to respond to every comment, ESP if you are a very busy person and cannot handle responding to every comment as they come in, but do not give people the impression that if they wrote a long personal note to you in your comments' section (which is the way most of your readers usually feel about the comments they leave for you) that you may never see them. The only way you can make people know that you do see their comments is by taking time out to actually respond to them when you can. If nobody sees traces of your footprints at the comments' section, why would they bother writing the 'I love your hair' or ask questions when they know you will never see them?
When you can, respond and people will understand that you are actually busy when you do not respond or that perhaps, it is because no one left a comment that actually needed a real response, otherwise you'd come around.

8. Take advantage of social media plugins
This bit is still about trying to connect with your readers. It is so much easier when they can find you on their favorite platforms and follow your updates. I really suggest getting a unified name with which people can easily find you. A lot of people fail to be strategic with this one. You would see someone go to one platform and bear one thing and on another, it is several worlds apart. You can do this if you do not want people to easily link you up on all platforms, but if this is not the case, try and find a common name. For instance if you go to twitter and bear 'gunnerlover' and on Instagram it is 'bigboldbeautiful' how am I supposed to know that for twitter it is 'gunnerlover' and not on Instagram? I know this can be so hard with the usernames not always being available, but the good thing is no matter the username you use, you can always choose your display name. If people search this name, they should be able to still link to you either with the display name or username.

9. Keep yourself at the centre
Whatever topic you write on, make sure there is an element of 'you' in there. This is so easy. All you have to do is to remember to add parts with the words 'I, me,  my, mine' ...etc
And if you use these words, it means you have to talk about yourself and that is my point exactly. It has to have that element of you. I notice people spend time to do reviews on their blogs without that personal part.
How does the product interest you? Have you used it and want to share your experience? Or you just got some money and decided that you might direct all your readers to go buy it whether it is good or not? If you haven't used the product or service, you can still add a personal vibe to it. Just be sincere. E.g. I think this is a good deal because ... Notice the 'I' in there?
Click here for an example of a sponsored review I did for firmoo.com.
For me it is so easy to keep it honest because I simply tell anyone that contacts me that I will not mislead my readers. If you send me your products to try and I can't find something positive to share about it, I am sorry, I will decline from putting it out there. I usually make it very clear that if your product is not good, I will not lie about it to my readers. I made a video about a product to share one time, I recorded a video to document the beginning of the process. I was supposed to observe it, make another video and then share it. When I used the product, it didn't work for me and I didn't see any need to put the video out anymore. Some people say it works for them, but since I didn't feel the same, I didn't think I was the right person to review the product. 

10. Make it worthwhile 
Always consider your readers. I know the blog is about you, but always try to make it beneficial for those reading. I know it is fun to read about another person's life, I know. But try to add a little value than just that. That's the reason I file in posts like these from time to time :)

I hope you picked up a few notes

Love always
Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl


  1. blessings....
    good ideas and suggestions.....

  2. Very good ideas ! You're beautiful btw :) X

    Follow me on GFC Janyl, I always follow back !

  3. I so much agree with connecting with your readers, always read and respond to their comments. Welldone JB
    My Google follow is still pending from your end. Till then.... cheers


  4. Thanks for the tips.really helpful. I should blog more often. leeznijis.blogspot.com

  5. Wow! Thanks 4 dis tip. Very helpful


  6. Great tips! I struggle to stay consistent, but this year has been much better than previous years...onwards and upwards hopefully

    1. Yeesss oh Egbon.. Onwards and Upwards.. :)

  7. Consistency - a new word making its appearance in my blogging dictionary.... Its a tough one being consistent. Thanks for sharing these great tips.....

  8. **Singing.. Dont you wish your Mama was "EinsteinED" like mine.. Dont you wish your Mama was Fayyynnneee like mine.. Dontcha?! no Seriously Dontcha?! Janyl you have got to be the coolest Blog mother ever! and i mean EVER!! Thank you for this post.. Its is too ghen ghen.. iLikey.. Osheey.. Turn Up! You know why I like no! Did i say Like.. I meant Love coming here?! Its cause i never leave the same way i came... There is always something ghen ghen to take with me.. and the crowd goes... Uuuuuuuuuu.. Truly Mama, i think one of the things i have learnt in my 20 months 7 days blogging career is that Connection is key! I mean Somedays after the first time i came here (which I vividly remember), I was amazed when i read your response to my facebook message.. and was like wow!!! Bloggers actually reply... it was cause you replied to my email and seemingly connected with me that made me keep coming back for more, of which has made me a better man (With all due respect mama, Think about it. I met Ribena thanks to blogging **Winks).. On a long run Mama, in my 23 years 3 months and 13 days of living this young and Confused life, i am learning that we never really know who reads what we write, or who will.. Sometimes no one, sometimes millions will, but I am learning to just keep dancing like no one is watching, cause the main idea of blogging is to create both a smile on the face of the reader and on your own heart,.. So i am learning to kick of my shoes.. find gehs i can toast on line **Shines teeth, connect with as many as i can, and just dance like no one is watching..

    Ms Janyl, Blogging is a whole different ballgame.. Here there is love, there is hate, there is deception.. But i guess its just same as life... So I have learnt from you that its really nothing personal yeah, its just blogging.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyeeaaahh mehn! Cheers Mother.. Ossshhhhheeey. #Therecanonlybe1Janyl

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