Saturday, 28 March 2015

Nigeria Decides: It's time to go out and vote

Hey Lovelies
The day is finally here. If you are reading this, you should be going out to vote your next president and senators ...
Please, if you are in Nigeria, ensure to go out and cast your vote for the candidate you believe is deserving to lead Nigeria.

I want to implore us all to choose patriotism, because then we can understand the need to focus on answering the question "What does Nigeria really need at this point?" above any other thing that we may have chosen to focus on.

It's a hard question to answer believe me I know, but all I can say is follow your instincts.
When it comes to handling the affairs of Nigeria, I am not a loyalist to anyone.
I'll tell you what loyalists do. They say "yes" to any and everything that comes from their candidate of choice because they are more keen on showing their support than asking the essential 'How will this benefit the country as a whole?' - The yesmen, the sycophants, the whatever goes!

We are bigger than whatever selfish drives propel us to ignore what we believe is right.
Ponder on the options and do not just follow the status quo. No answer is right. That is why those that know me personally will tell you how easy it is for me to jump from criticizing GEJ to criticizing GMB. I only have a responsibility in ensuring that I tried to support the candidate I sincerely believed had more to offer in terms of securing Nigeria's future and I'm always analyzing the odds. You do not need to tell anyone who you've chosen. Just ensure that you choose him/her for the right reasons. I might be wrong with my choice, but as long as I remember that my gaze was on what is best for Nigeria and not me, I am happy still.
I really want to urge us all to put all the sentiments aside and do this solely for our beloved country this time.
Please, shun every form of violence. Remember, violence can never be a solution to any problem.
#NigeriaDecides All the best to us!!! May the best candidate win!

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Love always


  1. Thanks for sharing that. Happy weekend!

  2. No politician is worth dying for. We choose peace.

    Atilola's World

  3. Good luck to you guys. Stay safe.

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