Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thank You JBS amazing readers

Hey Lovelies

Whoop Whoop! We reached an interesting feat on this blog last week.
We recorded 2 000 000 views. Yes, you counted the zeros right. 
I was excited when I discovered through JDB that my blog was getting that amount of hits, as he was the one that drew my attention to my stats. 
Many thanks to y'all for always coming around.

Also, for everyone that has been complaining that my URL is too long and can be a tad confusing with where to fix the 'a' and the 'e', I decided to make things easy. You can now link in with www.jbshares.com. How cool is that? Well, the long URL is still there because it is my signature (side eye) but the shorter one will redirect you right here to this awesome place :) 
I will tell you if I want to completely discard the long one when it expires. Please, bookmark the shorter one as I intend to keep it for a very long time. 

Finally, JDB's blog has been nominated for the Nigerian Blog Awards. Please, take a moment to vote for him Click here. Erm for everyone that has asked to nominate this blog in the past and I told you I wasn't interested, I take that back LOL 
Not for this blog still, but The Young and Confused Blog instead.  He has been really consistent with the very interesting content, carefully spiced with the right amount of wit and deserves this little encouragement. Please, please, please xo

Thanks for all the love and support
I truly appreciate it!

Nigerians let's keep waiting for these results patiently. We shall still hear it eventually.  It can be delayed but not denied LOL

Love Always


  1. Osshheey Turn up!!! **Whispers... You know ehn Mama, no matter what, i never and i repeat Never open any lifestyle blog once its past 8am cause of 'THIS' People that be policing me here. **winks.. But i had a strong **Just Do It feeling like NIKE to do it on this post. and my I am glad... Oya this comment wont be long, i pinky swear. heheh.. Osssssssshhheeeyyy!!! My blog mother got to 2 Million!!! view...yes oh! 2 million... Thats like 10,000 times what i currently am at. hehehe Janyl you bad gan oh! Chisos!! AneFer hexSperred it.. How cool can that be.. 2M **drops on Knees Dear Heavens, please lemme be like teh awesome Janyl Benyl when I grow up mbok.. Ahan!! she bad like that gan oh.. **Singing and bumping head... Turn Down for what?! Biko with My Blog Mother yeah, we only turn up in style...

    **sits up on Jangolova Chair... **clears throat.. normally yeah, I dedicate EVERY Mention on other cool blogs to you Blog mother for lighting the match that set my confusion on fire **winks.... **Covers face.. But this one.. This one on the coolest Blog in my life.. I dedicate it to everybody that has ever opened www.duruadolphusjnr.blogspot.com You guys are my why, and my reason to smile... **In Janyls voice.. **Sniff Sniff.. Please pass me a tissue, this is an Emotional moment for me.. And the crowd goess... Awwwwggghhhhh.. :)

    **Singing Dont you wish your Mama was frosh like mine?! DOnt you wish your Mother was cool like mine?! Dontcha?! Oshey! Turn uP!

    Please vote for me, Please.. i beg you in the name of cakes and creams...

    1. JDB, very soon your comments will be longer than my posts, and before then, I will ban you from this blog LOL. Just kidding :)
      Don't worry, you've got my vote

  2. Congrats on your stats. That is really impressive, for a blog in your niche.

    Atilola's World

    1. Not sure how it happened
      Thanks Ilola

  3. Hey, wish you more successes always!

  4. keep soaring high...congrats


  5. Congrats Ms JB! Good job on your recent post on BellaNaija. :)

  6. Wow! this is awesome!! many more increasing page views to come.

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  7. That's high! Congrats to you.

    Happy Easter!

  8. Congratulations! I tap into this huge achievement. Amen!


  9. Congrats! You've been consistently putting up excellent posts (I visit often but I don't drop comments, I'll try and repent). You're an inspiration to me and many bloggers that you don't need to post "anything" to get the "views"


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