Saturday, 7 March 2015

Unpredictable, Unnecessary!

Hey Lovelies
I received a personal email the other day from a reader. He was down and frustrated. He felt like his world was crumbling or could crumble.
He sent me the mail because he believed I'm gifted with being able to figure these things out or always knew exactly what to say to send anyone to an epiphanic moment.
What he didn't know was that I was also having my down moment when I read his mail.

                                       Take a deep breath, snap out of it and stay positive

I was battling the negative thoughts in my head. At some point, I felt like life could be more predictable than it was. "Why did most parts of it have to test my strength?"

My thoughts were everywhere, including wondering about why I had to deal with the worst dry skin in the world. To be honest, it isn't, but in those moments, I just like to feel like it is. It's not my only imperfection, but whenever I get somewhere, I'm always worried if my cream will last for the duration of my stay or if I'll need to go out and start looking for alternatives. Yea, your guess is right, unlike my sister and most of my friends who can pretty much fly with anything, I have a special kinda cream that saves my skin from looking a mess. What if this cream stopped being available? Why can't I have the liberty to use whatever I wanted or even use nothing if I so wanted? These thoughts are very irrelevant but they come with crazy mood swings. Everyone spends time on something similar - Yea, crazy thoughts. These are the things we immerse ourselves with - the pessimism. They take up valuable productive space and weigh us down for no reason.

I switched to telling myself the truth and thought you should know that you have a personal task to choose what to focus on. It is your task and you have to make a conscious effort at it. There are so many times I look at myself and feel so grateful. For instance, I don't know what it means to deal with pimples and acne and blemishes and all those things that make most girls so worried for their face. I could go for days without even remembering to use some face powder because my face is very smooth on its own. Why did I not concentrate on being grateful for that for instance? Why did I not choose to allow that consume me so there would be no room for the negatives and its consequences? Why do I need to concentrate on the enervating negatives? Yes, why do we always downplay the positives and concentrate on the negatives? Why?

We find issues that are very irrelevant and set our pretty brains to work - fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown or a simple imperfection like my dry skin; kick it off, it's just a time waster and an energy sapper. Not worth the stress at all.

Have a nice weekend
Love always


  1. Very beautiful post indeed. I can totally relate with this. Particularly because, I'm a worrier for the world even when what I'm worrying myself about, has nothing to do with me. I used to worry a lot about my future but I have learnt that worry is just a plain waste of time because it changes nothing. It only keeps you busy doing nothing. Thanks for sharing hun. I really did enjoy this piece. Xx

  2. i think the fears we have just remind us of how much power satan does have..insecurities and doubts are always at the corner waiting for us to forget what we do have to offer us what we don't have. i always say the God grant me power to accept the things i can't change prayer when i feel down. it is well.x

  3. Ooooosssshhhheeeeeeyyyy iLikey! You see ehn Ms Janyl, there are very few blogs that we go to and get REALLY excited to cloud 9 as we read along, but there are even much more (if i may say) 'FEWER" (lmao) ones that we go to and get REALLY inspired, I have to say Blog Mother that you top my list of inspiring blogs hands down.. I mean you and are just inspiration personified... I so wanna be like you both when i grow up mbok **Shines teeth..

    You know yeah, i cant tell for sure who this ghen ghen reader is ehn, but he kinda reminds me of me.. My life is presently really (pardon my term mother please, but its true) fucked up, but I am learning that worrying doesnt pay sam sam.. I mean prior to 3 weeks ago, I used to worry about every single tintinli thing. About things that migh be or never be, about things that are, about things that were.. and Ms JB it just all used to suck up my lekpa energy in this my broom like body :(, but in my 23 years 2 months 28 days of existence yeah, the Heavens have taught me not to worry about things i cannot change, as on a long run yeah, i dont freaking control them and me worrying just makes it worse and ropes me in.. So i am learning to like Nike ... "Just do it"... To kick off my shoes, Dance like no one is watching, search for love and fall in it with my hands behind my head and legs crossed **and the cropwd goes uuuuggghhhhh... To save what i can, spend what i can, build bridges to my future and majorly to live my life with passion.. cause this life na 1 oh, and i dunno how much longer i have.

    Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen, Dont you wish your mother was frosh like mine.. Dont you wish your mother was smart like mine.. Dontcha?! And the crowd goes Yyyyeeeeaaaahhh mehn! Fileh ah! dont touch it :) You Rock Janyl aswear. You are a solution to the cry of humanity.. **wears Mr Nigeria smile.

    1. your writing is overly on point. you kinda took d words outta my mouth. your write-up, exclamations, use of words is quite interesting.

  4. Focusing on the positives is really priceless. I mean, why worry about something you really cannot change?

  5. Today worrying wont solve tomorrows problem hun live your life to the fullest and make the most of it xxx

    lovely blog interesting posts

    i only just started blogging visit me whenever you can at

    have an amazing day babe xxxxx

  6. Focus focus focus and maintain perspective! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. interesting blog post! I can totally relate.!


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