Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to be "the man of her dreams"

Hey Lovelies

Here are a few things you can do to stay stuck in her head even when she is sleeping. Dreams? Nightmares? At least you're safely in her consciousness and unconsciousness LOL

Peep them below

1. Be a very good manipulator 
If you cannot mess with her brain, you are missing it totally. You have no idea how much you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Women are weaker vessels, you can transform her into whatever you prefer. If you are good, it won't be long until you can convince her to as much as see black as white. By the time you're done with the practice stage, she should be saying "yes" to every thing you say. E.g. "Do you know that a woman's place should only be in the kitchen?"
If her reply is anything far from "Absolutely, bae" you are not doing a good job.

2. Disagree to Disagree
Whatever you do, do not agree to anything she says. How can she respect you if you do? Remember you have to earn her respect. If you want to do it well, wait for her to come up with ideas and oppose every one of them, no matter how intelligent they may seem. Only your ideas must sail, so she doesn't see you as a weakling. She wants a very strong man. How can you display your strength if you do not make her know that you have very strong opinions? For example: Ask her how many kids she wants. 
If she says two, then say 8. And if she says 8, well say 1. It's not about trying to understand her or trying to find out the logic behind it, just seize your position as the man and hold onto it. Very importantly, once you give your opinion always add "and that is final". That line is the ice breaker. It is epic. You have no idea what magic that line can bring. 

3. Put her through tests
Do you know that every woman is a gold digger? Dude, you better not be sleeping on a rock with this one. No matter how much you believe within you that she truly loves you, do not fall for it. She is only being a woman. Test her! Prove her love. You're married for 5 years? She will leave you on the 10th anniversary. You don't know women. She needs not be concerned about your love for her, every and anything you do can be dismissed as "tests". File them under different tests - endurance skills, cooking skills, loving you skills.
She doesn't know how to get free goods from the stores? Please, tell her about budgeting skills. Don't bother trying, just tell her you're testing her.

4. Become a difficult task
I mean satisfying you should be a huge job. People do not appreciate easy people, be the opposite of easy. You know that song "easy to love". That was a big fail. Your job is actually to be very difficult to love. Be a hard man! Scratch that, simply, "be a man." Make demands and no matter what you do, do not compromise. Let her make all the sacrifices. Is it easy to claim to love a man like you? Why is she there if not to sacrifice? Please, understand your priorities. Stress her out!

5. Don't let her feel secure 
Do you know that if she feels secure she will stop loving you? My mother's great grand father in law's sister's cousin told me that women love to always be on their toes. Do not allow her a wink of sleep. Let her work hard for your love. Your love is like precious gold while hers is mere steel. You know how expensive gold is compared to steel? Please, make no mistakes. Women love challenges. They are wired to handle struggles. Give her a handful of struggles recurrently. She needs to learn how to pray hard to God to keep your love. She's going to learn to love you more anyways, so don't worry about the struggles being too hard for her to handle. And very importantly always tell her that there are a thousand and one women in the next room waiting to relief her of any duty she considers a daunting task. The feeling of insecurity will slap her right back to her senses. 

6. Forget every magic word you know
Matter of fact, make them extinct. The "please", the "I'm sorry" and the likes.
Seriously, do people still say "I love you"? Only women obviously. She doesn't need to hear these words. Actually, if you have an extremely good woman, tell everyone how great she is except her. Again, I repeat, make sure she doesn't come close to knowing how you truly feel about her. 

That my dears, is how to stay in her head all day, all night. 
Oh and if you really want her to day dream about you, do not pay any attention to anything she says. 
Just imagine when she is working herself up all day worrying about you. Look out for the lack of concentration on other tasks because she is concentrating solely on you and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. If she is not worrying about you, you need to increase the intensity.
At this point, I have to strongly advise that you take these "suggestions" with a pinch of salt.
I love a good love story any day, any time. However, I know for different people "love" means so many things. Believe it or not, while some of you would read this and know exactly that this isn't healthy, a lot of people can relate to this as their reality.

I hope this helped you realize some of the things that you can improve upon in your relationship.

Love always 

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  1. Oookkkkaaaaaayyy!!! **cleans sweat! You know ehn Janyl! I started reading this post from Up - down, and at a point i was confused.com (like i most times am), and then i did my brain a Master reset and started to re-read it from Down-up! i mean! Really?! I needed top really be sure that you wrote it oh and it wasn't some guest post :).. Okay I cant say I know all the tricks, Hell I am probably one of the slowest atimes on this subject maRRa as i am too mushy mushy a brover **Covers face... but you see ehn Blog mother that #3 and #5 i didnt need to learn them, my life is wired in such a way by default :) but that #6 ehnnn Choi! A NeFer hexsperred it oh! aswear.. Asin Mama! Ehmmmmm **Scratches Head.. I know that this was a kinda bitter sweet post, but its a part of me that is waaayyy too hard to change! Sorry and all them Mushy Mushy are a way of life for moi! i must be the sweetest guy there is, {even if i say so myself} **Winks (Free Advert for the ladies... Yep I am single) hehehehehe..

    All in all Blog Mother, this was a great read and a very ghen ghen SomeRRin! I mean it had me smiling like a fish, but the saying "What goes for a goose might not go for the gander" (Remixed and paraphrased **Covers face) may best suffice here... and the crowd goes Yeeeaaaahhh mehn! **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile..

    1. JDB, you telling me you're confused is like you telling me you're a male. The last time I checked, that is the most prominent thing about your blog :)
      Glad you enjoyed the post

    2. hehehehehehhehehehehehe Mama has me in stitches this morning.. Issorait! My eyes are literally gathering laughter tears cause of this comment :)... You Rock Ms. Janyl Benyl, aswear you do.. Thank you for everything.. There is no me without you on Blogger... Aswear.. Thank you!

  2. JB I really enjoyed this post :)


  3. Lol! I couldn't stop laughing from point one. It's sad that this is some people's reality...

    1. I am happy it's apparent this post was tongue in cheek
      It is so sad, dear

    2. For a second I was confused until I got to the last bit. Whew...breathe easy.

  4. Time Bombs triggered... You just increased the pace of the tick-tacks. Okeooo... Guess when they start going off, then you will realise what you have done. Lol.
    Funnily, I see the title of this expository piece conversely: "How to be "the WOman of HIS dreams".

  5. Well that might actually work...not!
    Happy new month!

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