Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lose to Win

Hey Lovelies

I bet most of you think this would be about those that lost during the just concluded elections in Nigeria. Naa, I'm so happy we are so done with that now and I want to really facilitate our moving away from all that to "normal issues".
If it were to be just me, Nigeria would need to pause with elections until there is a major upgrade in the electoral system. Too many lapses with unnecessary risks to people's lives.
Almost everyone I called had tales of discrepancies in their polling units and no one seems to understand that these issues are hugely significant.

There is so much I can tell you about why I hate politics as played in Nigeria (ESP the one in my state) but like I like to say, I have no interest whatsoever for very apparent reasons. I am not sure if that might change say in 20 years or maybe 10, and that is because we are really hoping that things would change for the better, but right now? I am so not interested in even listening to anyone that is talking about Nigerian politics because they usually concentrate on vested interests.

Well done to everyone that braved all the challenges to go out and vote. 

Moving on, I was watching this performance by Fantasia and omg, that girl can sing.

The lyrics in that song can make a sister begin to preach. Maybe because I could relate to seriously "losing to winning".

It just stirred up my spirit, I almost started praying in the spirit, then I remembered it was not complementary LOL
Ain't nobody got time to be winning anything that devalues you.

You can't forge ahead if you're already stuck in something you should be letting go. Lose!

Love Always

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  1. Fantasia is awesome. Hope your week is going smoothly!

  2. Loll, it's a really whole of qualms but the fact is, would the up coming youths ready to change this outrageous act? chatting with my dad, he asked, 'Do you ever dream of being a politician? If you ever wish, i would advice you to please be loyal to your administration and be committed to the society. I said to him dad i will. Believing me when i got there i met a cargoes member and i forgot everything my dad said then. ' Well I just looked at him. I didn't like to say it, but all I could think was, the worst game ever is polities.

  3. She really is a fantastic singer no doubt. And yes, you wouldn't know what winning means if you've never lost. That's the spirit, girl!

  4. **Comes in singing and bumping head. Dont you wish your mama was frosh like mine?! Dont you wish your mama was classy like mine?! Dontcha?! No seriously www.icelaw.me Dontcha?! hehehe Hiya Blog Mother! Eeeehmmm **Scratches head.. I still dunno how i missed this post! I mean either my auto "Janyl Posts" FB notifications just slowed me or someRRin :)... But you know what the Onyibo man says nah! "Berra Late than Never!" Osssshheeey Turn uP! Truly mama, there is this really ghen ghen addiction I am going through.. You know how you wanna stop but you cant?! and you are like Today I will ,a dn Tomorrow you are like oh mehn!! again?! Well it is doing me daily like that now oh! **Cleans sweat... But this line:

    "You can't forge ahead if you're already stuck in something you should be letting go. Lose!""

    This line might just be my Selling point Mantra.. Thanks for sharing Mama.. This was such a ghen-ghenly ghen ghen read.. and the crowd goess Ooooossshheeey turn uP!.. About Politics.. Ehmm Janyl, you know that if i start you will not like my tone, as you chastised me the last time.. So **in Rihanna's voice yeah.. Amma Just Shut up and APC Drive on this one.. **Shines Teeth.. :) Cheers Mother.

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