Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Style: Spring Worthy

Hey Lovelies

It's spring season and it's that time to rock the very colorful pieces in your wardrobe. 
I am hoping to inspire you with this one.

I love this floral dress. I absolutely love the colors of the dress.
With my pink blazer out and about, you can definitely guarantee a very happy JB :) 

Love always

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  1. Floral dresses remind me of sunshine and ocean waves. This is a good combo, nice style!

  2. Floral dresses remind me of sunshine and ocean waves. This is a good combo, nice style!

  3. I love the dress for its playful nature.

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  4. You look good girl. Glad I could finally visit here. Duru can't write a complete sentence without including your name and mummy, lol. Nice blog


  5. Oossshheeeyy Turn uP! **Singing.. Dont you wish your Mama was frosh like mine?! Dont you wish your mama was classy like mine?! Doontcha.. hehehe **In Wajilda's voice Janyl, you are looking like a pimpim... inshort iTrip **Runs away.. I particularly love the Dress ""of many colors" hehehe it has a warm feel to look at... Ossshhheeey turn uP!.

    Mama.. Mama... Mama... You need to read this post.. http://www.favourmoyse.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-to-become-nigerian.html its amazing Janyl aswear... It had me nodding my head like an Agama lizard all through.. Pretty please?! i promise it will be worth the 7 minutes of your time, i pinky swear.. Turn Down for what mbok?! When my Blog mother Turns up in style yeah.. She glows like the sun and other things around her are noRRin but shadows.. Osshhheeey.. fileh ah! dont touch it.. She gbo-no-feli feli lie that.. **Shines teeth.. Please read the post mama.. **Wears Puppy face...

  6. So lovely...am drawn to colours these days.Thanks to Spring!


  7. Strike a pose ;-) *osheeeeeeeeyyy* Style is YOU.

  8. You look good dear. I absolutely love floral prints.


  9. I'm a pink lover so you can just imagine me here crushing on this outfit.

    Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  10. Great outfit, you look amazing. I love your dress :)


  11. Thanks all for the kind words
    JDB, that was such an interesting read. Thanks for recommending.
    Now I want the book :)

  12. You look amazing! Love the dress and the blazer.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

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