Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Don't believe me just watch

Hey Lovelies

I just remembered when the ex asked me to stop dancing.
"Reason?" I asked 
Trust me to not take it sitting down. 
Him: You will have kids one day. Do you want your kids to see you jumping around like this?
Me: Yes, I want to actually challenge my kids to a hot one when I'm exactly 50. Go figure!
Those kids will be so fit. Even the mister will be, he just doesn't know it yet LOL

Him: You will be the First Lady one day, how can people take you seriously like this?
Me: oh wow! The entire state/nation would be so fit then ala Michelle Obama. Welcome to the 21st century.

My tummy is beginning to annoy me, I really need to get back into shape. The one thing that keeps me in shape is dancing. I love to dance and even though I realized that I couldn't fit it into my schedule anymore, I decided not to let it go entirely because I basically use dance to keep fit. Anytime I am not, you start to see fat swinging around in unwanted places. I've been doing this for years and it is a result of hardwork. Mehn I ain't letting it go. Don't believe me just watch :) 

I know someone will ask how I engage dance for my fitness needs.
I will put up a video for y'all, Just remind me. 

Love always
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  1. Really?! The former commissioner incharge asked you to stop dancing?! Interesting.. What did he drink?! Candle water and lipton Tea or what?! iKid... **Looks around to see if he is reading this.. ( I dont haf muscle to fight biko) You know yeahh Ms Janyl Benyl... I hate when somebORRy comes and tries to pour sand sand inside my garri.. i mean its so not cool.. If you dont like what i do theeeennn.. Stay away from me noni.. dasaaalll... lt is not by force ni... That being said.. I believe in dancing like no one is watching and doing me.. Cause on the long Run yeah... NoboRRy knows how long we have left...

    **Scratches head.. Ehmm Blog Mother... Wait first oh! ** Ye are a just Micheal Jack... oh! No Sorry i meant a Janet Jackson someboRRy oh... Saw the "Don't believe me just watch" Video lori Youtube and i was Shouting.. heheheh Almost clapped for my monitor sef **covers face.. you go gurl.. Keep dancing.. keeps staying happy.. Keep winning mama... :)..

    Happy Democracy day in advance Bubba... Dunno if I should be happy or sad though.. cause i am a tad uncertain of the incoming administration.. But oh well.. Only time will tell iGuess.. Cheers...

    1. LOL
      I am so not a fan of anyone trying to tell anyone how to live

      Let's keep hoping, we've done our parts as true citizens
      Now we just need to watch Mr. President play his part.
      I hope everything goes well for us this time

    2. Yeah Mama, truly yeah... regarding this new Administration ba.. I am just hoping for the best regardless my fears. Cheers blog mother. :)

  2. loved your dance video, you did great! its funny how friends (male, female n exs) come into our life and try to tell us how to live, I have zero tolerance level and don't have alot of patience for that! lol! you did great gurl! keep rocking life aint that serious, we should throw in some dance steps every now and then and its also great for exercise so why not!


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