Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I have some very innovative friends

Hey Lovelies
I love my friends 'cause they make me laugh a lot, like literally laugh a lot. Recently, it has been incredible. 
Is it me not catching up with the trends or are all my friends getting too ambitious delusional by the day?
So here are different discussions I had with 3 different friends.

Friend 1: I see Olivia Pope in me
Me: ok, if you say so
She: she talks like me, acts like me, dresses like me
Me: Do you realize that you are not saying you dress like her but she dresses like you. That's some bold statement. 
Too much of scandal or what? Hmmm 

Friend 2: I went dark Mehn. So dark.
I'm thinking what does he mean by 'dark'?
And he goes "I've been so dark. Dark! Really dark!"
Me: Erm so how are you?
Him: I've been dark Mehn
I got stuck in my confusion, so I decided to wait for him to probably come back to earth where humans like me can offer humanly help or try to say something that could perhaps be a more explanatory synonym for 'dark'. 

Friend 3:
Me: So have you thought about any interests yet for when you are done with medical school?
Him: I was thinking about making a show based on medical practice 
Me: Ok but I was thinking more about a specialization. And Isn't that what Grey's anatomy and Dr House is built on?
Him: Yea, but there is none in Nigeria
Me: Ok, but don't you think that people may prefer to know that the health care in Nigeria is getting better, and hospitals have enough beds for patients rather than see these as entertainment? Is it supposed to be for entertainment purpose or a documentary? Or do you intend to edit those bits out? 
Him: I'm hoping that before I'm done with Med school all that would have been fixed
Me: I'm hoping too
Well, I try to be a good friend :) 

Trust me I have more. E.g. How do you fancy a men's hair salon that offers champagne and strawberries for all the customers, including those that just stopped by to say hello as a marketing strategy? I'm thinking of how the place will be sustained in the long run, not to talk of how it will make any profits. Hey! Don't laugh at my friends and please, don't ask me to change my friends or I'll hate you. I love them way too much to care too much :)

I just like the fact that they are thinking.
I like my friends to be very proactive and innovative. It is actually a criteria LOL
Don't take me too seriously.

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies 

Love Always

P.s: You can steal the ideas if you so want to. They've already moved on from those thoughts, that's why I can post them here. Goodluck with making them work btw ;)

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  1. Mehn Janyl! I wanna go Dark jo!! I mean really Really Dark! Like No NEPA Kinda Dark! Its time to go Dark jo! Cause outside here is too bright.. hehehehe lmao.. Really! now that one cracked me up oh! he should sha carry Torch Light or Candle in his 'Vision going Dark' , cause Eeez not a joking Sturvzz... Ehmmm Champagne and Strawberries?! Really! at a salon?! Cool! I think he should add small chops like doughnuts too. hehehe That would be Amazeballs.. **In Toins Voice :) Please sha gimme the address when they open shop.. cause I need more reasons to want to Fry my hair and Strawberries seem like a good start.. Plus I need me some Osho Free pleaseee :) Cheers mama :)

    1. LOL don't worry, NEPA is already helping you go dark :)

  2. Lool there's actually a Nigerian show on doctors. I think it's called Doctors quarters.

    1. Oh Ok
      I will let him know
      Thanks hun

  3. Friends make the world a lot more tolerable and actually fun with their presence. :)

  4. Not sure why I cant post a comment in the career post but just wanted to say your thought are nothing but the truth. A steady climb is always the best.....

    1. So sorry dear
      There was a slight error that has been rectified now


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