Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Career Talks: Get rich fast?

Hey Lovelies
Last time we started talking about the benefits of a steady climb to success. 
Today I want to tell you about a theory.

It is my special theory on quick money. Awoof as Nigerians like to call it. When you "hit" it, what happens next?
This is where the bulk of this post lies, so bring out your paper and pens :)
Let me enlighten us about the difference between money in the hands of a wise man and a fool.
There is nothing as intoxicating like money in the hands of a fool. It can drive you to an early grave.

The basic difference is that a wise man remembers how hard he toiled to earn the money and how long it took them to set their work in progress before it manifested into an income generating venture so they spend time to think of ways to ensure that they never get back to that stage. 

They spend time to invest. 
Investment! Dang! That is the keyword. Investing your time, money and energy on those things you consider productive. 
True success is not just about succeeding, It is about sustaining success. I mentioned that last time. 
So while a fool is looking for ways to flaunt his money on blings and more blings, a wise man will look for ways to invest in their future.

Check the richest man in Africa - Dangote's records for instance. He is steadily looking for new grounds to break. Everyday, he explores more opportunities for his enterprise. As if his other chains of businesses were not producing enough money for him to pop champagne in clubs every Friday night and feed the pictures to us if he so wants to. And you know all he needs to say? "it is my money so I  can waste spend it however I want". You know that line, don't you?

The most important aspect is their smartness to remain very grounded. The good thing about staying humble is that people usually do not even know how much you are worth until they read about you on Forbes, hello! And you know what they say, "God resists the proud and the meek he will continually exalt". 
So while the fool is busy expecting every one to bow down when they see them, the wise rich man is carefully spending the money on things that are more valuable and you would look at him and not even know he is the richer one. 

And the best part of it all, a fool will waste the money until one day he becomes bankrupt 
boom! This time he is down in the gutters, even worse than square one, And you just wonder if they thought such money will never finish? It finishes even before they think it could. 
And you know the funny thing, they are so used to the good life so they will work so hard to maintain the status quo, including borrowing money they know they'll never be able to pay back.
And you know where that leaves us? 
Exactly at my little theory of  "get rich fast, die wretched."

Love always

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  1. Interesting thoughts and perspective and great lessons to take away. Have a great week!

  2. Ooooosssshhheeey Turn up.. it's amazing how my Mama always makes sense... truly ba, true wealth is about sustaining success... amma take that with me... **wraps the line in serviette and hide in pocket...

    You know yeah Mama, one ghen ghen thing about life is the uncertainty that surrounds our every day... the fact that I might be very Rich today then Bam! broke the next... it's amazing I tell you mama...

    If I haven't learnt anything about money Mama, I have learnt that it's like a bee perching but from one flower to another, and looking for what flower to pollinate... humans call this opportunity... let's make the best of every chance... cause from where I stand ba Mama, it's get rich or get rich... die trying ain't no option biko.. cheers Janyl...

    Sent on the go...

    1. Hiya Mama.. Where are you?! :( We miss you... Your son misses you oh... **Tongue out.. :)

  3. Absolutely true. That's when you'll know a rich man from a poor man. Decisions they make.

  4. Hiya Mama.. How are you.. Please mama.. Can you please read this post.. Its worth it I promise you and I would like to know your view on it.. Please Mother.. Please...


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