Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Career talks: Are you still dreaming?

Hey Lovelies

I believe that every day we should wake up with new dreams. Sometimes we just achieve certain goals and believe it's time to go on and take a long break. My dad once told me "if you're still holding on to the achievements of yesterday, then it means you haven't done anything today."
I also remember vividly when a friend of mine once asked "if no one really knows your name (apart from your friends and family) who told you it's time to take a break?" I have crazy friends :)

I also believe very much in challenging myself to become a little better than I was yesterday. 

If your dreams are still the same things you dreamt about years ago, then you are not doing much. 
Let me clarify that. It's ok to have big dreams, dreams that will take you several years to achieve, but in between, they should be the "short term dreams" that are supposed to lead you eventually to the big dream. 
E.g say the big dream is to start up a huge foundation that would be well recognized both locally and internationally due to it's huge impacts. Obviously, that might take years to build. But they should be small dreams you should wake up to e.g. start my own small business that can generate income. Or you think having a big foundation is by talking?

So after several years, if you look back and these sort of short term dreams are still there as dreams, you are not dreaming enough. You need to be accomplishing some so you can have room for new dreams. After a while, this dream ought to have changed to say 'open new branches at new locations' Whereas you're still at the dream of starting it in the first place. 

Almost everyone is a culprit when it comes to procrastination. Procrastination is one of the greatest killers of great dreams. So many people have lost great opportunities due to procrastination. 
This is something I am still working on. I checked my journal the other day and I was really impressed that I could finally strike out some things that were just pending on the "to do list" for way too long. There is nothing as inspiring as progress, no matter how little it might seem. Just realizing that you've succeeded in adding little drops to the "big ocean dreams" makes it feel more achievable. Everyone should be able to experience this feeling.

The funny thing about achieving dreams is just about knowing when to wake up from dreaming and set out to achieve those dreams. Dreams will not bring themselves to actualization without the necessary actions. Most of the times, all you really need is to think about new dreams and stop dreaming the same old dreams each day.

It's time for a new set of dreams so wake up, clear the tuft and make room for them.

Love always

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  1. Wonderful thoughts, really insightful indeed and thanks for sharing!

  2. "Dreams will not bring themselves to actualization without the necessary actions"! This has got me thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gbam!Gbammer!! Gbammest!! Kai! Ms Janyl Benyl... this post was the Shizzle.. I mean it was DOPE.. on all levels oh!! No be shere shere something...

    "Let me clarify that. It's ok to have big dreams, dreams that will take you several years to achieve, but in between, they should be the "short term dreams" that are supposed to lead you eventually to the big dream."

    You know yeah Blog Mother.. Reading the above made me go Oooossshheey Turn uP! I mean You go Gurrlll.. **In Janyl's voice... This was such a fun and inspiring read..

    Sometime in 2013 yeah... I asked my self a kweSHion relating to what your Dad said to you as above.. The one about our Past glories. And back then ehn Mama.. Insha Allah yeah... I quietly remember asking my Young and confused 21 year old self, about where the next trip to making a lasting impact (not Fame or wealth) in at least one persons life would lead me.. About how and what it would be... And then you came into my life Ms Janyl Benyl.. and Vooala. The rest of the stories are kind genuine memories in my still confused heart..

    My Room door is filled with Dreams Janyl. Dr. Duru literally refers to it a Sign board.. Cause it filled With goals.. Ambitions.. Mantras and GOD given Laws of Engagements.. But the truth is sometimes yeah.. Just as you said.. I get overly lost in Dreaming of tomorrow and totally forget to LIVE our dreams a Step at a time.. To live in Today... I once said I would buy Fidelity Bank.. And today I have Zero Stocks there. As at now mother.. Thats nothing but a Fools dream.. Thank you for this Wake up Call Ms JB.. It is very much Appreciated...

    Oya it haf too long.. Forgive me biko.. But Janyl ehnnn.. Have you ever read a Post that makes you Go WOW??!!! Well without mincing words.. I am proud to tell you that this is one of such posts.. And the crowd goes.. Yyyyyeaaahh mehn! **Winks...

    P.S: So 6 more posts to go yeah Mama.. Insha Allah... amma race till you till the end.. :) Cheers..

  4. You are so right. Every day, we must be a step closer to our dreams.

  5. Most of us are quick to join the race to dream land. But the problem is returning with a vision that drives us to the goal we have gotten from the dream land. First step is wake up. Followed by the pursuing which we know that many things are involved.
    It was a nice read, thanks for sharing.


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