Friday, 31 July 2015

Career Talks: Time management

Hey Lovelies

Feels like I've been gone forever. I almost forgot to say 'Love always' when I was signing out last time :)
Well, I told you I'll be back soon. Didn't want July to end without me making that return. Hope everyone is doing alright? Y'all didn't think I would abandon the '15 for 15' challenge, did you? Not so fast guys :)

I decided to bring you guys this one on time management because it feels apt. I hate it when I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do. But that is life for you, sometimes, you have excess of it and at other times, you hardly find the time to do things you consider very necessary.

Successful people understand just what to spend their time on and when. 
Sometimes, you cannot do everything and you need to understand when to shove some to the back seat.
It is one of the things that everyone needs to understand in life. When you have so much to deal with, and it feels like you may not have enough time for everything that you may have in mind, it is best to prioritize your time. 

Prioritizing your time is a skill, a much needed one I must add. At the moment, I do mine in one of two ways:

1. To do list (in a descending order)
I sort everything into a scale of preference and strike each one that has been handled as I work my way down the list. This means, I get to deal with the most important ones first and leave the not so important ones at the bottom. Sometimes, you might not have enough time and energy to make it to the end of the list, but what matters here is that the most important things will not suffer.

2. Urgency and importance matrix
This other way requires that you sort everything you want to do into different quadrants at every time. You start by listing everything that needs to be done out.
Get a piece of paper, draw a bold cross sign that divides the whole page into 4 quadrants.

At the end you should have the following divisions:
Top - left
Bottom - left
Top - right
Bottom - right

Label the different quadrants. 
The top row will fall under 'important'
The bottom row will fall under 'not important'
The left column will fall under 'urgent'
And the right column will have the activities that are 'not urgent'

This will be transcribed as:
Top left = Urgent and important
Bottom left = Not important but urgent
Top right = Not urgent but important
Bottom right = Not urgent, Not important.

When you're done, bring your list of activities and file every activity into the different quadrants. The idea is to deal with the activities in the top left corner first.

I have a few questions for you:
Which quadrant would you deal with next and why? 
Who can guess where I sort blogging into? 
Where would you fix blogging for yourself and why?

Sorry, feels like I took you to a real management class but it is because I am sure you will not regret knowing this, that's why I decided to share. Y'all know JB loves to share :)

Enjoy your weekend 
Love always

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  1. It was a nice class i must say. Top right - Not urgent but important, same for me. Hope i guessed right.

    1. Most of the times, it falls perfectly at the top right corner. And some times, (like last week) I felt like I needed to urgently update the blog even though I classed it as 'not important'.

      Send me an email. You just won an airtime voucher. Let me know your preferred network. Cheers

  2. Ghen Ghen! Welldone oh Mama! Welldone very well.. You haf successfully succeeded in taking me back to Gen 581.. hehehehe And see me thinking I had won he challenge by default.. I was jejely waiting for you to forget to post like some others did, so i would just Quietly and nwanYoLLy win my iPhone 6.. But nnnnooo.. You just had to post... hehehe an then you posted at 11: 58 Pm... Mehn that was close.. **Grinds teeth.. heheheh yep! I am a stalker like that...

    You see ehn Bubba.. One thing about being confused is that I dont like to Organize stuff... This helps me maintain an impulsive nature.. now i know thats Really bad! But what can I do nah.. It feels fun acting on impulse...

    While i was in that Useless annoying crazy Uni i went to.. I used to Write everyday, a to do list on my journal.. and at the COB, i would give myslf A's and B's... and F's on how i went through them.. It sure worked though.. Thank you for giving me that Nostalgic feeling :)

    So based on your ghen ghen kWeshion.. I guess you set Blogging into the urgent Quadrant.. Measured by Time though.. Cause in my eyes yeah Mama... you wanna heal the world and teach as many as possible.. **Whispers.. Have you considered lecturing Janyl.. You would be Bad ass at it aswear.. 10/10 **Shines teeth... For me yeah, Blogging is under important oH! Biko.. For whats left of my time on here mama.. I wanna go the limits.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeaahh mehn!

    P.S: Janyl.. Kai! i almost won the challenge.. kai! Allmosssttt... You just had to update ba?! **Crying in French.. Nnnnnooooooo :( How are you Mother?!

    1. Lol I put it up earlier, it only took a while for it to reflect on my Facebook page.

      You didn't say if it was top or bottom :)
      I have a day job, keeping blogging as 'urgent' all the time would be really tiring.

      I'm doing great, thanks

  3. Thanks for this. I struggle with properly managing my time. So this is really good information

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