Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Career Talks: Give it a go

Hey Lovelies
I have found myself severally contemplating whether I was sane trying to even vy for certain opportunities. You see the thing I have understood from experience is that you cannot be too sure until you try. At the end of the day, whoever takes it will be sorted from one of the applicants. You may not be the best in the world, but you might be the most preferred applicant. And if you don't apply? Someone who did will be. 

I used to make this mistake myself. I would look at an offer, read the requirements and tell myself that there was no where I would get it. The truth is, you never know what the employers/school... is looking for. When in doubt, read the requirements and if you qualify, just go for it. There is really nothing to lose. If you don't get the offer, at least you will leave with the experience. Always make sure that you ask the interviewers what they considered your strong points and what you could improve upon. 

I have been called up for an interview I reckoned I wouldn't stand a chance. I was told my CV had a certain diversity the employers appreciated. I've had a friend tell me that he was invited just because he was a lawyer that was interested in Public Health. At first he was worried that if any doctor applied (which was almost inevitable) he stood no chance, but he was so astonished when they told him he had one of the strongest applications. 
Another friend also mentioned how his employers mentioned that he stood out because he had some experience from a third world country. He said that was his greatest worry since he only had work experiences from Nigeria and he was trying to apply for this job that was pretty much looking at a particular set in England. According to his employers, he was definitely going to bring something new from working with the people in Nigeria. Imagine that this was something he considered a disadvantage at first! Believe me, you may never know until you try.

I also want to end it with this personal story.
After I sent my application in to study for my masters, the school sent me a message that I was eligible for one of their highly coveted scholarships but I needed to send in an application. When I read it, I noticed the process for this scholarship was basically by summing up all the applications from Nigerians and the best will be selected for it. I had so much to do at the time, I was too sure spending some time on that application would be robbing myself off of the time I could have put into something beneficial. How will I be chosen out of the lots that will apply? I couldn't fathom it, so I decided to concentrate on finishing the process for retrieving my stolen passports instead. Just at the nick of time, I managed to fill the form at night and returned it. I did not even have the time to search my vocabulary for the best words or do anything remotely strategic. I just filled it sincerely. I was shocked to my bones when I received an email saying I was one of the 3 post graduates that got it. Sometimes, we are so blinded at the things we believe we are yet to have that we fail to even recognize what we do have. Do not write yourself off. Do not underestimate yourself. Just give it a go! 

Love Always


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  1. And the moral of the story is - when in doubt, go for it.....

  2. @"Sometimes, we are so blinded at the things we believe we are yet to have, that we fail to even recognize what we do have"

    Chisos oh!! That line above busted my brain eh Janyl! Omo! **in Titi's voice.. Eezz deep lie that eh! You know yeah mother.. One of the most ghen ghen quotes i know goes thus..

    'You will neFer know far you can fly until you spread your wings to Try.."

    Dasall.. This was a ghen ghen post Ms JB.. aswear... and it had me thinking rationally and reasonably for a sec.. #LessConfused.. Truly yeah.. as you said Nne.. the best selected candidates for a position/role will not be the best in the world.. it will only be the best in the list of Applicants.. And how can we be the best if we do not believe in ourselves enough to Apply.. #Eureka.. Ghen ghen mama.. Janyl toh sure.. Janyl toh Smart... This was a really dope post eh! undoubtably Nne.. ya gonna win the 15 for 15 challenge.. hehehehe your posts are so apt and ghen ghen like that.. and the crowd goes.. Uuuuuuuuuu


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