Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Languages: losing some, gaining some

Hey Lovelies

I need help. Can anyone tell me what to do if you really want to lose a language? 
So while studying in Hungary, I understood that I was going to roll with the English community - study in the English school, shop from the people that speak English, and not bother about Hungarian if I didn't want to. And then there was a huge game changer - I had to deal with my patients and they always felt comfortable whenever I could truly communicate with them, especially the elderly ones. Also, I realized everything was cheaper when you didn't have to request for them in English, but in Hungarian (sad but true). So I started learning Hungarian. Fast forward 3 years after I was struggling so hard to get all the intonations right, I would give anything to lose every word I knew in Hungarian.

Why? You might ask. I'll tell you.

I'm trying to pick up French at the moment and every now and then, Magyar pops in.
And the reason isn't far fetched at all. They are the two languages I am currently struggling with at the moment. Ask me why I should be struggling with a language after trying to actively learn it for at least 2 years? Answer: That language is so damn hard
I decided to take the easy way out with this one. Ain't nobody got time to be speaking some cut and join thing. It's all or nothing baby :)
I know the former isn't going to happen so we might as well just stick with the latter. 

Imagine, I was trying to count from 1-100 the other day in French and my haphazard Hungarian will not let me be great. It was popping itself in anyhow. I wanted to say 'quartre' and I heard myself saying 'ketto'. How is that even good? The thing with languages is you must practice it often for it to stay. Even when I was practicing it (had opportunities of using it every day) I was still struggling with it, talk more of now when I don't even get any opportunity to use it even for once in months. The thing that annoys me the most about that language is you do not see anyone to speak it to once you're out of Hungary 'cause it is only peculiar to Hungarians. And I find it very interesting to understand why most Hungarians would rather not speak English (even the ones that can speak very fluent English) mostly because they want you to learn their language, like they are so open to learning other people's. Now the most interesting part is the language is nothing you can try with kids' gloves. It is rated one of the hardest in the whole world.

When I thought about it, I concluded that I just needed to lose it. It was fun while it lasted. 
Inkabb, bocsanat, magyar megy. Nagyon Koszonom szepen. 
Oh I forgot to mention the hardest part is you cannot just put words together for it to make sense. For example in the sentence above, I wanted to say 'so please, Hungarian go. Thank you very much.' And I only formed the sentence by translating the individual words. 99 times out of hundred, that doesn't work in Hungarian. You cannot just put words together to form a sentence. You have to learn how to make the sentence altogether because if you just try to be smart with it, you will not be making sense.

Erm if I find myself in Hungary again, it will be just for a couple of days and I intend to keep the tourist spirit on very much and never bother about what it really means to roll with the locals. I've been there, done all that. So please guys, I hope that I have been able to convince y'all that I do not need to keep this language thus, you will help me pray that this language varnishes totally from my consciousness and subconsciousness.
Thanks lovelies

Love always


  1. I never bothered to learn any language when I lived abroad because I knew I would always come back to my English speaking zone...Language learning is too hard jor, but I have been told French is easy to learn unlike the Hungarian and Swedish languages

  2. Currently in Budapest in holiday for a few days and I can attest to the fact that the language seems complicated. But If I were you, I wouldn't try to lose it, because being multilingual changes your brain in a good way. It forces you to make new neural connection/synapses, improves your overall brain function, reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and actually makes your brain grow! And in addition to to this, you have the random social connections that are more likely to happen when you speak someone else's language.And it is in fact completely normal when learning a new language, for the ones to slip out or superimpose themselves from time to time. I mean when I started learning German, yoruba (yoruba?!!) slipped out regularly, and now German threatens my French and English even though these are languages I've been speaking since time. Was whatsapp messaging a Friend last night in French for instance, and really had to struggle to find the words because German kept coming up, even though French is now my day-to-day language...but it doesn't annoy me too much because I really it's just my brain trying to make new connections, eventually it/I will get used to having another compartment for yet another language and this will help me use more of my brain, and more efficiently. So yeah, sorry about the epistle, but I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that you shouldn't pray/try to lose your Hungarian 🙈😂😉 You worked hard to learn the language, and it would be such a shame to lose it for such temporary issues.

    1. You see that's the frustrating part, when it starts competing with the one I am working so hard to keep, I'm like "Why are you still here btw?" Lol

  3. I need a French speaking partner. Been on the French quest for a long time and i'm tired of losing and re-learning it.

    P.S: Do not try to lose your Hungarian please

    1. Aww we should certainly find a way to hook up then. Not that I am good tho :)

  4. awww, i love languages.
    stop. smell. roses.

  5. **Enters Play Play mode... With All due respect Mother.. Oya Kneel down leMme pray for You Ms J.B.. Oh god of Language.. I cancel every spirit of any language she does not want.. **Tightens belt and **looses tie.. I say geRRout of her.. You cannot stay.. I say Hooll Up! Holl uP! Holl uP! you cannot stay eh!!! LeMme ask you somet'N, Is it by force to be saying 'bocsanat"?! she say she does not want ni.. So geRraRa hia you hear wahat aYam sayinG?! Oya e lo.. **Shakes head.. Asim gawa.. i said Zoom form her tongue.. By fire..

    Hiya Mother.. With all due respect ehn.. You see that time at the Tower of Babel.. When Tongues were been shared.. I doubt if my generational Representative was present dia oh! Cause mehnnn! Any Language sam sam.. I dont like.. English for the frigging win yyyyooo.. heheheheh Cheers Mama.. ansd ehhhmm **Scratches head.. Learning Languages make me remember Further Mathematics in WAEC 2007.. yyeLss oh! It eez Rocket Science like that eh! hehehe How are you Janyl?!

  6. When I was reviewing for International English License Test, we were told to listen conversations or interviews or even watch videos with the accent that we need. At that time we were studying Australian and British accent.

    I think you can apply that to your dilemma too. Find a podcast or movie that has the language you need and listen to it always. :)

    Your language knowledge is impressive, btw.

    1. Yes dear, listening makes a whole lot of difference. Thanks xo


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