Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Career Talks: Put your best foot forward

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Let's let our imaginations run wild a little. Imagine that someone was looking to rent a house and you had an offering. They wanted something really nice with very high taste and you said you got it.
Imagine that your house had some of the best facilities, the interior decor was just superb and all in all you thought your house was definitely going to knock all your competitors down. 

But here is the thing, when the realtor took the client to view the place, he could not get in.

The exterior was so unwelcoming. Just by the outside, he rated your house and thought there was nothing good really to look out for inside. 
He immediately sighted another house that was more pleasing to the eyes right from the outside. He got into the house freely and was more than sure that was the best he had seen so far. You and your competitors know that anyone that saw your house was certainly going to choose your house over theirs. Remember, he wasn't able to view your house because he was deterred right from the onset. Everything you have in there is still very unknown to him. 
How can you make your house more appealing to be viewed? That certainly is something you would want to spend more time on, right?

"Where is this headed?" I am sure you are asking. Today, I want to talk about how to put a good first impression out there to your potential employers. It all starts with presenting a good CV/application. The first information anyone is going to get about you before inviting you for an interview is via your CV. Just like the story with the house, if it is not good enough, nobody will bother reading past the first few lines. Before anyone can get to talk to you about what you can do or not do, your CV is going to do a lot of the talking.

If there is anything you can do for yourself, make sure your cv has zero percent error. If you do not trust your skills, give it to someone who does. If I was looking at your application, I would want it to be flawless. Nothing screams incompetent as blunders in a cv. The most interesting part is that most opportunities would ask for a good command of whatever language you are applying with and when you're trying to tell your employer that you can speak and understand the language well, yet you present a CV with spelling and grammatical errors, that begins to pose the huge question of how credible every other information you provided in there is in the first place.

It is that important. Your cv is a representation of you. Someone that is skilled can read your CV and tell exactly if you are worth any risk or not. You know the saying "do not judge a book by it's cover"? It does not apply in this case. You are basically judged before you get a chance to say anything. 
This applies to people in various fields, whatever your first impression is: a portfolio, an application, a CV, a sample of your work, make sure it is a true representation of what you can really offer.
It is your very first impression, put some work to it and make sure you are putting your very best foot forward.

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  1. This is so direct. Another thing is that in submitting CVs for employment, you must understand where you are going, to whom you are submitting to. This is what i mean, i know I might be wrong tho and I stand to be corrected, these two divisions abound viz: 1. CV to Nigerian firms with Nigerians receiving your CV, your best foot would be your Educational qualifications.
    2. CV to Nigerian firm or any other company with a 'oyinbo' somebody recieving your CV, your best foot would be your Work experiences.
    How you get to know who is receiving is another case.


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