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Music Review: "Hello" by Adele

Hey Lovelies

Have you heard Adele's comeback song yet?
Hello! "Hello" is a must hear (pun intented)
I've hung the dancing shoes for a while now, but this song has been making me want to hit a dance studio and choreograph it to a T. That's how dope the song is. Hmmm I am giving it all away before even getting into the crux of the review. Let's get on it, shall we? 

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When I heard the song at first and it came "Hello", I was like wait a minute, is that not Lionel Richie's "Hello"? Is this supposed to be a cover or a remix or a remake of some sort? and right after I was blown away with the next line. She is truly gifted.
The song is basically about her missing the ex. Seems like a sequel to the whole break up ones that made us fall in love with her sincere lyrics. This one, however focuses on the feelings of loss, years after they have parted ways. She's talking about trying to call and the ex is just not picking up... If she would have asked me about that, I would have said "Babe that's just lame" LOL. If you owed him an apology, call a few times, if he doesn't pick or return the call, then he is not just up for it. Put the phone down, if he wanted to talk, he would call back after the first missed call. Sounds like some Rihanna and Chris Brown things tho. Some two people who kinda connected in a very magical way but could not keep it. Only in this case, seems like Adele is the only one who cannot move on, or maybe because the other half is not a musician. Perhaps? What do you think? If only one person is feeling it, then it's plain wrong. Adele just might get a restraining order soon *just kidding.
But let's face it though, she sounds like that very clingy ex who doesn't know when to let go and it did really feel like the guy had moved on and she was still stuck on something she believed "they used to have". Didn't she just give birth to a son by another man? I think she needs to just give it a rest and focus on building what she has with the new guy. Not judging. Just wondering if the guy will feel comfortable that she is still stuck on another one while being with him. 

Quoting her, she wanted them to straighten out some things. The question here is "to what end?"
Very tragic 'cause she sounds like this die hard lover that probably is still hung on the guy but the guy doesn't feel the same. It could be hard. But I think it usually happens like that for mostly ladies, where they just hang on and want some kinda closure. Ladies are usually more emotional than men and when they are in a relationship, it feels like we tend to invest more emotions than our male counterparts, hence the difficulty in just throwing it all without feeling so hurt and betrayed. I guess you need to pull some real "Think like a man..." On this one.

Score card:
Originality - 10
Vocals - 10
Lyrics - 9
Sequence - 10

Overall - 10. I love Adele guys. Don't call me biased :)

Recommended listen. Check on it.

Strongest points: The song is really beautiful. Adele's voice is so unique and captivating. I just love how she manages to convert her life situations into great lyrical content and music. 
What's your take?

Love always

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  1. Hmmmm i can see you're a music lover. Nice blog concept.. Thanks for visiting Trendy Living Blog.


  2. Adele is one of the best musicians out there. Great review!! I like the new single too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciated! :)


  3. Haha!! I love Adele, too. Remember I SET FIRE TO THE RAIN? Best one ever! Great post.


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